Why the shift over Panguna, Mr Momis?

There has been an apparent shift in the way in which Bougainville President, John Momis, and his cohorts are approaching the mining issue. At first it was the outright ‘ 330 more words

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Panguna Peace Strategy undermined

The Panguna Peace Strategy was originally a program established to maintain peace-building efforts through a partnership between Mekamui faction and the Autonomous Bougainville government. Mekamui was given the lead role in developing a strategy for unity. 343 more words

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Bougainville: A house divided within itself cannot stand

Special Correspondent | ACT NOW!

As Bougainville moves towards self-determination, unity across the region is critical for a stable autonomous state when referendum time comes. Currently, indicators point out otherwise of the present condition. 432 more words

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