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Sexuality and Asylum Seekers

Originally published by Archer, Issue 2, Winter 2014.

The Sky Is Falling #budgetitis #auspol #PUP #ETS

What a surprise…..Palmer’s mob supported Abbott’s mob in canning the carbon price and the shock jocks with no scientific qualifications whatsoever have opened the chardy and declared the last rites for climate change. 344 more words


Tipping The Scales

A recent Guardian article reports that there has been a shift in investor behaviour, moving from big tobacco and fossil fuels to more ethical and socially responsible investments. 167 more words


Greens behind new push to legalize green.

ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury is behind a renewed push to legalise medical cannabis, allowing the terminally and chronically ill to grow marijuana, in an effort to relieve pain and symptoms. 183 more words


Who really needs a Carbon Tax anyway?

We have a problem.

Climate Change is real, in fact, let’s not call it ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’, let’s call it something else, because those terms have been over used and everyone is obviously tired of hearing of them. 694 more words