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Work for the dole doesn't work

Originally published 20 August 2014 by Aphra.

In a fashion that has come to define the current federal government, the Coalition recently announced its intention to expand the reach of its cruel and degrading policies by reintroducing the… 804 more words

Who let the PUPs out? Why Jacqui Lambie rocks

The 2013 Federal Election was one of the most intriguing in decades because of the absolute circus the Senate election process became, painfully played out over weeks and months on national television to the delight of giggling voters. 698 more words


Sharper focus on state renewables policies as Abbott plans to "axe" the RET

Reports the Abbott government are seeking to “axe” the Renewable Energy Target puts a sharper focus on state government plans for renewable energy. With a Victorian state election on the horizon, voters want to know what plans the major parties have to secure renewable energy jobs and investment. 201 more words

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Me? Corrupt? No, I just wanted the best for you!

Much ink has been spilled over the latest round of ICAC hearings and their dramatic, if unsurprising, results. And good ink it was. With every political scandal there is of course defenders of the subjects, no matter how obviously in the wrong they were. 422 more words


Joe Hockey wants to stop poor people having sex in cars

Joe Hockey hopes that by increasing the fuel levy, he will put a halt to the age-old Australian right of passage: A quickie on the side of the road before you realise you’ve missed curfew. 594 more words


Team Australia's identity crisis

Today the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, made one of his strongest ‘Team Australia’ statements yet, stating on national radio  that “everyone has got to put this country, its interests, its values and its people first, and you don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team.” 984 more words

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PM Abbott's plan to axe the Renewable Energy Target "out of touch" and a disaster for jobs

The Australian Financial Review report today that the Abbott government is considering “axing” the Renewable Energy Target—Australia’s flagship renewable energy policy.

Reports that the Abbott government is contemplating taking the axe to the Renewable Energy Target further demonstrates how out of touch it is with the views of Australians. 235 more words

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