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Is Marriage Equality the New Aboriginal Peoples Rights Issue of our time? No.

“Gay marriage is the human rights issue of our time like  what Aboriginal Peoples faced in the 60s.”

This is a phrase that I have heard, seen, read, and pondered on for a long time.

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things your government has been doing

UGH, AUSPOL. Why must you be the blurst? Anyway, to keep you up to date on reasons to hate our federal government, here’s a summary of some things over the last week. 549 more words


Cut to renewables target will hit local services, warns Ararat editorial

Local government leadership on the Renewable Energy Target in western Victoria has prompted a leading regional paper to warn of cuts to the Renewable Energy Target in an editorial. 415 more words

Community Support For Windfarms

Cancelled wave energy project underscores need for state govt renewable energy plan

The town of Portland in south west Victoria is undergoing a transition. The renewable energy / clean technology sector is a emerging as a major source of jobs and investment in the region. 401 more words

Victorian Coalition

First Week Back

I’m back at university this week and although I yearned for the semester break and got restless toward the end, this week back is proving to be a hell of an adjustment. 323 more words


The Inescapable Relevance of Civil Procedure


How civil practice upholds cornerstone common law values and facilitates efficient and ethical advocacy


It has been suggested that civil practice acts as a ‘handmaid rather than mistress’. 4,204 more words

Australian Law

Downloading TV Shows

So, Australia wants to crack down on people illegally downloading tv shows.

Yet again, they miss the point.

Provide people with the product they’re demanding, and they will pay for it. 224 more words