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Joint Strike Fighters for the elderly

….Australia’s Coalition government announced today the implementation of its 12.4 billion AUD Pensioner Heating Assistance Programme (PHAP). In a rare show of bipartisanship the government will go ahead with the plan, formulated under the previous Labor government. 498 more words

Has the Australian Government Overreacted to Cats Replacing Tony Abbot?

Over 40,000 people have downloaded a browser ‘plugin’ that shields Internet users from photographs of Tony ‘Mad Monk’ Abbot, the Liberal Prime Minister of Australia. The nifty add-on, entitled Stop Tony Meow, replaces images of the esteemed Prime Minister with photographs of kittens. 221 more words

How to punish at fault drivers in collisions with cyclists?

Social media flare ups and inflammatory pieces in The Australian have reignited the dormant culture war between motorists and cyclists. The squabble is tiring, but has been drawn into focus by a provocative and thoughtful, … 1,005 more words

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The political silence on domestic violence.

“Brutal people, often with a history of violence, are getting it into their heads to pick on a vulnerable individual. It is utterly cowardly. It’s brutal, it’s gratuitous, it’s utterly unprovoked and it should be dealt with very severely by the police and the courts… 942 more words

The new Baird in town

NSW was abuzz with action this week – and no, we’re not talking about all the waving that the royals got up to.

Nav and… 50 more words


Big picture: Moral leadership and the ALP

This piece will be of a different character than most, prompted by Barry Jones’ piece in The Conversation last week on the ALP’s ability to ‘win’ big policy debates. 1,405 more words

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