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Gillian English - Makin' it Happen

Today is my sister’s 29 birthday and in the last few months she’s been making things happen. Firstly Gillian has finished very successful runs of her one-woman show “Drag Queen Stole My Dress” in New York and in Montreal. 261 more words

An Austrailian Rules football player choked his opponent in a game last night!!! Why doesn't this happen in America

Hawthorn’s Brian Lake attempted to strangle North Melbourne’s Drew Petrie after throwing him down to the ground during play. Lake had a pretty good hold on Petrie’s neck for much of the skirmish. 313 more words

(VIDEO) Aussie Rules Football Player Chokes Out Opponent

This is far more entertaining than soccer as Aussie rules football player Brian Lake attempts to put opponent Drew Petrie in a sleeper hold.

There’s no flopping Down Under. 31 more words


Community Cup 2014 - cheerleaders bums...

Where would we be without cheerleaders bums :-D The Megahertz get my vote for their grotty abandon but the Rockdogs still get points for their pompoms.


Community Cup 2014 - people of the cup...

Half time at the Community Cup – legendary amounts of footies in the air. Behind the goal posts was a dangerous place to be!


Weekend Wanderings - Winter In Banyule

There is a festival here called that, I haven’t done anything in it so far.  It really hasn’t been something that I’ve been interested in really.   455 more words