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Aboriginal beliefs: A lesson

One of the beliefs in the aboriginal culture is if you show someone a secret spot that you value (Surf spot? FIshing Hole. Mushroom location) you become responsible for what they do to it. Something to think about, huh?


The Hairdresser

Today I got a haircut. It was okay at best. There are only so many different ways my hair can be cut. So after a while, it’s not so much the haircut as it is the hairdresser for me. 109 more words


On Monday in Sydney, we were up at 7am. We left the hotel to go to the STC Coffee Shop up the street since the hotel is under construction and didn’t have a dining room available.

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Agile and Embedded Hardware Development - a Successful Partnership

Moving away from a “waterfall” development process to a process that incorporates Agile methods, at least to some extent, can noticeably improve the quality and reduce schedules for the engineering of both hardware and software products. 924 more words


wyld thing, you make my heart sing.

From the first word to the last page ‘All the birds, singing’ is an all encompassing, evocative, shocking and fearful novel yet one that appears so fearless. 378 more words


My Beautiful Cave

Sometimes you need to go inside your cave to see the world and all its wonder, don’t sweat the small stuff, keep more of what you love in your heart…..feeling grateful… 11 more words

Carry Trade Gains Strength as Dollar Extends Rally

The dollar continued to gain strength against both the Euro and the Yen overnight. The rise in US yields this week makes it even more tempting to engage in the carry trade… 153 more words

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