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Down to Six

So, I have a confession to make. Until February of this year, I had never read a single word of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice… 742 more words


"Emma" by Jane Austen

Of all the novels of Austen, the plot of Emma is perhaps the most difficult to summarise. This is not because it doesn’t have a plot, but, because the principal events that shape the plot are internal rather than external. 2,687 more words


Pride and Prejudice by Grace B.

Obviously, the themes of pride and prejudice are important to Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, since they are in the title. There are multiple examples of both pride and prejudice throughout the novel, and in a society where reputation is key, there is bound to be some stereotyping between the different class levels. 253 more words


Getting lost in Austenland

Jane Hayes is obsessed with Mr Darcy and can’t get him out of her head ( who can blame her?) In order to avoid spinsterhood she embarks on the holiday of a lifetime (only for those who are truly desperate) and visits Austenland, a gift from her Great Aunt Carolyn. 491 more words

Book Review

Romantic Friday

This week we have a nice write up on the lesser-read Mary Shelley novel, remixes, book covers, statues, Cornel West, Patti Smith & much more! 68 more words

A Matter of Perspective III

First, I need to give credit for the photo. That is not me, nor did I take that shot. I wish I had; it’s an awesome shot. 854 more words


Things I hate that I'm supposed to like or, God forbid, "embrace"

I’m almost 60. For years I’ve tried to figure out how to fit in. Fit in as an only child, fit into my extended but very small family, fit in with friends, at school, at my kid’s school (with parents that clearly found themselves superior to me in most ways), Now is my time. 1,014 more words