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Oh Mr. Darcy, Everyone Can't Help but Fall in Love with You.

My Mama loves books and loves reading, and she is teaching me to, too. Sometimes I am so busy that I don’t want to slow down and stop to look at books for long, but Mama is teaching me patience and that being still is a good thing sometimes. 302 more words

Reimagine classics with incredible book art

I think we can all safely admit to judging a book by its cover… and with the recent trend of stunning book art, maybe that adage should hold less weight. 53 more words


Jane Austen's Literary Techniques

“Good gracious! Lord bless me! only think! dear me! Mr Darcy! Who would have thought it! And is it really true? Oh! my sweetest Lizzy! how rich and how great you will be!” 20 more words

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A Classic Romance

Recently I finished my first book for 2015. I read it in 6 days and would have been even faster, if I didn’t have to do other stuff for university. 556 more words


The World of Jane Austen

What are the themes of Jane Austen’s work? Why is she popular, and what can we learn about her world? How are ideas about love and marriage different today, to in Austen’s time? 25 more words

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Top Ten Tuesday: Comfort Reads

Over Christmas one of the TV channels showed all 8 Harry Potter films and it got me thinking that I’m due a reread. I don’t go in for a yearly reread like some people do but I do one periodically. 591 more words


Jane Austen's Words

There is a…dialectic at work in Jane Austen’s words, their meaning being dependent on the level at which they are being used.  One cannot simply say, for example, that “propriety” is one of Jane Austen’s values, but “sensibility” is not because as they stand those statements have no useful truth or falsity.  100 more words