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Tales of social insecurity and economic unease

Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease is now out! This anthology from Gray Friar Press includes my story “Pieces of Ourselves”: a librarian goes on an anti-cuts demonstration, gets caught in a police cordon and starts to suffer from a strange skin ailment that links him with a significant past. 654 more words


The German economic powerhouse is a myth.

Germany’s economy needs an overhaul.

Policymakers should focus on boosting productivity, not “competitiveness”.

The government should take advantage of near-zero interest rates to invest, and encourage businesses – especially start-ups – to do likewise. 76 more words


A New Kind Of Democracy

This whole campaign has created a mass of democratic engagement unseen in recent history. The apathy has been shaken loose and people are standing up for a better way of life. 23 more words

Spoken Word

France - A really special kind of "Austerity"!

Let’s have a brief look at French “austerity”, shall we?

French government spending in EUR millions.

All that “austerity” is killing us!


France’s government spending amounts to about 58% of GDP, a world record.

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