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Insert Another Coin

Gambling our futures on a rigged game for so long

A blues song sums the soul of a century

So sedentary and supplicant ,

So well misbehaved… 76 more words


I Told You The Coalition Government Cared About Us But You Wouldn't Believe Me

I have posted several blogs about cuts to the Police, cuts to the NHS, Probation & Prison Services, Armed Forces etc etc.

This coalition government that we seem to have won in some kind of bizarre raffle just goes on and on.  477 more words


The Shrinking Police Service Is a Bit Closer To Home Now

BBC News – West Mercia Police cuts the number of stations with public counters.

Front counters will close at 21 police stations and opening hours cut at another six, West Mercia Police has announced. 475 more words


They’re Changing The Guard At Buckingham Palace

And this has naff all to do with Christopher Robin and Alice.

The senior management the Ever-So-Slightly-Unhinged Branch at New Scotland Yard have got together and finally managed to make a decision. 382 more words


Driving Under The Influence Of Disaster Capitalism

One last shot to escape from austerity

and yet they have the temerity to ask us to stay


While the house is burning down to the ground… 148 more words


Is The Police Family Dying? Or Merely Playacting?

I’m not sure that I know the answer but I fear it may be the former, but some important people have yet to come up with some important answers. 469 more words