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2012 UK Case Study: The extent international macroeconomic development as compared to domestic policy has been the reason for the slowdown and recession

With the 2011 slowdown followed by two consecutive contracting quarters of -0.2% and -0.3% (BBC, 2012), the UK have entered a double dip recession. Many experts have blamed this on the tight fiscal and loose monetary policies implemented in the UK. 2,635 more words


Viktor Orbán on the world stage and at home

Every second Friday Viktor Orbán spends about twenty minutes with a servile reporter from Magyar Rádió who asks the great leader about his achievements and plans. 1,149 more words

Viktor Orbán

employment up but wages down means less Tory votes

Letter to Daily Express 1/10/2014 (not published!)
Your finance editor, Peter Cunliffe, writes of his concern that voter’s are expresssing the view that their finances have worsened. 188 more words


'La Crisi' or why I love Italians

No one can miss the fact that there is a financial crisis in Italy.  “La Crisi” is spoken about on a daily basis and overheard in most street conversations.  662 more words

Italian Culture And History