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A note on “Alexis Tsipras and Greece’s Miserable Foreign Policy”

My friend Jan Techau shared Judy Dempsy’s latest post on Carnegie’s excellent webpage. It is titled “Alexis Tsipras and Greece’s Miserable Foreign Policy”. While I do not share all of Judy’s take on the Greek situation I do share her legitimately critical views on the foreign policy impact of the new extreme left-extreme right coalition government in Greece. 571 more words

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White House On Budget: 'End The Era Of Manufactured Crises And Mindless Austerity'

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama will seek to bust through spending limits for both domestic and defense programs, the White House said Thursday, negating the effects of across-the-board cuts agreed to by both Democrats and Republicans and signed by Obama into law. 744 more words


Debt, Conflict and the European Dilemma

Europe has is encountering another canary the mine. The Greeks have voted in a radical Leftist party called Syriza. They won as an opposition to the so-called austerity measures placed on Greece since the 2008 economic meltdown that resulted in it not being able to pay its debt. 3,399 more words


More evidence of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine comes to light & only confirms what we have been saying about the situation there from the begining.....

Videos which have been pointed out to show evidence of  foreign mercenaries in Ukraine is nothing new we said this back during Maidan when things were only really starting to kick off in Ukraine, 21 people died as snipers shot both the protestors and police to incite even more violence . 513 more words