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Georgio Osbo special report. Let's cook austerity

Gameoftwo is delighted to bring you this special report, having been invited to spend a memorable afternoon with the Tory Young Boys’ superstar striker, Georgio Osbo, at his humble £10m townhouse. 1,241 more words

Why a Labour benefit cut is worse than a Tory one

Labour have announced that if they win in 2015 they will extend the Coalition Government’s cap on the increase in child benefit until 2017. The claim that this will save £300m, barely a drop in the ocean of the UK’s current deficit. 341 more words

Paul Krugman - End This Depression Now!

What I liked about the this book was its offers for solution to the crisis. What the world needs is governments to increase their spending to get us out the depression, the Keynesian way. 392 more words


Explaining the UK's 'Miracle Recovery'

Although I don’t intend to jump into a long diegesis on the topic, for some reason I felt compelled to write. This is truly strange, as all my observations thus far have been compiled for private reading/use only. 691 more words

What Happens When "Scotland" Comes To Spain?

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/14/2014

Friday saw the largest demonstration in the history of Barcelona with 1.8 million people showing up, exceeding all previous records, calling for Catalan independence… … 1,647 more words

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‘Austerity Theatre’ – Aesthetics and Nothingness

Honor Bayes’ article (sadly not online I don’t think), published in ‘The Stage’ on September 11th, discusses how some companies have taken the brave decision to make public their spending breakdowns on their Kickstarter pages. 3,986 more words