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Eureka: My Kitchen Discovery!

First off, I have to admit that I’m eating my dog’s food. No, I’m not eating dog food. I’m referring the frozen blueberries I bought her because I thought… 169 more words


There are other ways to upkeep and improve our water system.

Open letter to Government Parties:

When 100,000 people walk on water in Dublin on one day alone: 11/10/14 and many thousands more, across the length and breadth of the Republic of Ireland, ceaselessly protest, week in week out, at… 493 more words

"Cut, Cut, And Cut Some More": Republican's 'Blame Ebola On Obama' Ploy Backfires

The instant the Ebola crisis hit American shores, the inevitable happened. The GOP blamed President Obama for it. First, it was the lame brained borderline racist charge that Obama either deliberately or through sheer incompetence did nothing to seal the borders to keep the virus at bay. 828 more words


News Ireland daily BLOG by Donie

The water charges now a symbol for Irish Government’s many failures


The water charges protests of last week showed that tens of thousands who took to the streets of Dublin mean what they say. 2,301 more words

What We Learned Last Week (13/10 - 20/10)

1) Parliament Square is still Occupied – just…

British policing is becoming increasing surreal as pizza box deemed a piece of sleeping equipment.

— Occupy Democracy (@occupydemocracy) …

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90,000 Followers, In Search Of A Leader

Bring back Russell Brand, all is forgiven.

The comedian turned author was actually present at Saturday’s “Britain Needs A Pay Rise” demonstration in central London, showing his solidarity by marching with a contingent from the Royal College of Nursing and posing for pictures with the crowd at the rally in Hyde Park. 1,385 more words


Just imagine if thousands of undamaged re-cycled water meters turned up in skips outside Leinster House

Don’t know about you, but the more revelations I become aware of in relation to #Irishwater, its apparent mismanagement, lavish spending and incredible bonuses the closer I get to low earth orbit. 729 more words