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Spain’s Air Force One keeps breaking down, to the delight and embarrassment of Spaniards

Earlier this week, an Airbus A-310 plane landed in Spain 45 minutes behind schedule. Why this otherwise mundane event made news across the country says something about the current mood in Spain. 419 more words

Revolutionary love

Times are hard and only getting harder. There’s so much trouble and heartache in the world, sometimes, we all need to just tune in to some good music and tune out the noise. 119 more words

Civil Rights

Why America Is Failing - 'The Surprising Truth Behind Tax Day: Where Your Taxes Go'

When we spend 2 cents on Education vs. 27 cents on our Military..……

THAT is why America Is Failing.

‘If you groan about Tax Day, you’re certainly not alone’. 305 more words


How America Killed-Off it's middle classes

This story is based on the American experience but I believe we are heading very much in the same dystopian direction.
I’ve been basing some of my previous development artworks on a similar subject to  1,273 more words

The Irish Independent has reported devastating third level job cuts of 2,246 since 2008.

Education Editor Katherine Donnelly points out that the 12pc drop, which amounts to more than the entire staff of UCD, ‘comes in the face of soaring demand for a college place, with a 15pc rise in enrolments over the same period, which translates as a 27pc reduction in the staff-student ratio in six years.’

Conditions Of Employment

Stratfor is worth a month of MSM coverage

Stratfor discusses the Eurozone crisis, and once more they manage to put more relevant information into a single of their reports than one will find if scouring the MSM for a month: 377 more words

Economic Policy

Public funding, rather than increased fees and student debt, will safeguard the contribution of higher education to economic development and social mobility/cohesion, the recent NERI report on higher education concludes.