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Nude swimming in Texas

All this talk of nudity brings to mind my only personal nude swimming experience, at Hippie Hollow when I was a student at UT Austin. Hippie Hollow was wild and crazy then, much grass smoked, much beer consumed. 100 more words

Nude Swimming

A Brief Open Letter to the Woman at the Dog Park

Is your name Starlight? Or maybe Rainbow-serenity? Let’s go with Starlight. I hope that’s okay, Starlight. When I was little I’m pretty sure I dreamed of your free-spirited ease of being and penned a song about you entitled, “Why can’t the world be free?” More than anything, I think the song scared my dad into fearing my future liberal political and social endeavors. 613 more words


Sandra Spalding

Combining a job she loves with a passion  she can’t ignore.

By Megan Russell

Women who are driven and successful know  how to make choices in life. 69 more words

Austin Woman

Kimi and Salvo's ChiTalian Wedding


For many of the guests who attended Kimi and Salvo’s wedding, the scene above is probably one of their first memory of the wedding.  As someone who had hung out with Kimi and the Salvo and their families while everyone was getting ready the whole morning as well as the rehearsal the night before, I was still in total shock at how beautiful it was to see her parents walked their only child down the aisle.   812 more words

Elegant Garden Wedding in Austin

We ve really seen a resurgence in the wedding world of a more formal affair. It s classic turned up a notch or two and this garden wedding couldn t be a more perfect example. 58 more words

An Austinite's Guide to #SAA2014: Places to go and family fun

With the Easter weekend upon us, I figured it would be a good time to post about some of things to see around Austin, especially if you’re bringing your family with you to the meetings. 1,264 more words


Philanthropitch, volume 2.

Today’s an exciting day in Philanthrotown… we proudly announced our finalists for Philanthropitch 2014! In addition to some familiar faces, we’ve got some pretty amazing new nonprofits in for the running. 575 more words