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Health Care (Australia)

A chart of Australia’s ASX 200 Health Care , compared to Financials-x-Property and the overall index over the last 15 years, shows that outperformance of the Health Care sector is not just a recent occurrence. 11 more words

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Health Care

One of the top-performing sectors, both in the US and Australia, is Health Care.

The strength of a momentum strategy is the ability to identify and concentrate investment in outperforming sectors like this. 21 more words

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Markets back on track

Threat of a Russian collapse roiled markets in early December, but the immediate crisis now seems to have passed.

Recovery of the S&P 500 above resistance at 2080 would indicate another advance , with a target of 2150*. 311 more words

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Murray has endorsed macroprudential | Macrobusiness.com.au

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At 12:52pm on December 8, 2014
Published with permission from Macrobusiness.com.au.

From Callam Pickering:

The one glaring problem with the Financial System Inquiry is that it didn’t push hard for the introduction of macroprudential policies.

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Australian banks rally on Murray Report

The ASX 200 Financial sector (ex-REITs) responded well to release of David Murray’s report into the financial services industry. As the largest constituent of the ASX 200 index, comprising more than one-third of market capitalization, sector performance is critical in determining future direction of the broader index. 449 more words

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