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Humorless Australian News Network Seems To Think 'Between Two Ferns' Is Real

Santa, doesn’t exist. Easter Bunny, nope. Your dad returning home after getting a pack of smokes, ain’t gonna happen. There, now it won’t sting as much when I drop this truth: … 217 more words


Pretty Houses, Luxurious Yacht & A Happy Mutt

16 May 2012

On this Wednesday morning, Novita took me for a ride on her Smart car for two to Gold Coast.

We made a stop & had breakfast at Mc D. 189 more words


Day 67 - Not going to see Abba

8:21am AEST – These girls really are loud as fuck. They’re working together, their conversation can wait until they go to the bathroom or are on their way to work, surely. 854 more words

Bring Da Funk - De Bortoli Yarra Valley Wines

If you think you know Australian Wine, think again!

The Yarra Valley is an Australian wine region located east of Melbourne, Victoria, and close to the Mornington Peninsula wine region.   1,205 more words

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Word of the week: Biophilia

Six Reasons courtesy of Catalyst why the Open-plan office’s time is nigh:

LOWER PRODUCTIVITY: According to Professor Richard de Dear (University of Sydney)’the best indicative metric for productivity on a day-to-day basis is actually self-assessment, and what the actual office workers themselves think about their productivity would indicate that there’s a significant decrement in productivity in an open-plan office, mainly because there is unwanted noise. 245 more words


It's so quiet.

Date: Sunday, ‎3 ‎April ‎2011,
Camera Model: Nikon D300
Location: Macquarie University