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BGSP Faculty Member Dr. Stephen Soldz Featured in Several Media Outlets Regarding CIA Torture Report

By the Editorial Team

BGSP professor Stephen Soldz has been busy in the wake of last week’s release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report. Dr. 1,433 more words


Australian Prime Minister: Why Did Sydney Hostage Taker Have Gun License?

The man behind the deadly siege of a cafe in Sydney this week had a gun license and wasn’t on a security watch list. Australia’s Prime Minister is demanding to know why. 633 more words


Australia's Siskel & Ebert Sign Off After 28 Years of Savvy Sparring

When Australia’s two most famous film critics, David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz, sign off for the final time this week, they will have been beaming into the nation’s living rooms for an unprecedented 28 years. 1,489 more words


The (in)efficiency of the ABC

Reading the papers last week, I noticed something troubling on the front page The Australian. In an exclusive written by Darren Davidson, he noted the “gulf in wages costs” between the ABC and its commercial rivals. 490 more words


Ruth Wilkinson, Miriam Morris, John O’Donnell: Handel’s Recorder

This album is pretty well what it implies: Handel, played on recorder.

It’s noteworthy because it features three of Australia’s leading early-music specialists (it was recorded in collaboration with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), playing instruments made to as closely resemble the ones of the time as possible, tuned as per in their day. 157 more words