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Predestination (2014)

This is a strangely enigmatic movie riddled with paradoxes and metaphors. I don’t know what role logic plays in the story but when you are talking about paradox in anything, logic can only apply in a limited and specific way. 863 more words


Bonus Genre Month Reviews:The Proposition and Brick

Or: a couple of short reviews I had penned and linked together in one of my patented “just made up on the spot” combinations, namely that they are both products of 2005, they are both depressingly cynical and nihilistic modern reflections of the long history of their respective genres, they are both the first fiction feature films of their respective directors, and they, respectively, fit into the genres I’ve covered in the past couple months: the western and film noir. 1,196 more words

Genre Months

The Film Industry Down Under

For someone who has grown up in Australia, it is quite weird to think about how little Australian produced film and Television I actually consume. To say it bluntly I really cannot stand Australian produced movies and shows. 656 more words


"Where the bloody hell are you?" - An examination into the state of the Australian film industry

In terms of talent, both in front and behind the camera, Australia is an embarrassment of riches. However when it comes to putting that talent together it does not seem to translate to domestic box office success. 786 more words

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New avenues for Australian films

Why is Australian film production failing? The Australian film industry has been suffering in recent years from a lack of viewership, but why!? Is it because Australian films have been stereotyped to have weak scripts, depressing subject matter, and be the typical art-house film? 472 more words


Mystery Road (Australia 2013)

This is one of the most interesting films released so far in the UK this year. Writer/director/cinematographer Ivan Sen sets out his intentions like this: 1,274 more words

Australian Cinema


Cinema is practically ‘the art of business of making film’ (The Free Dictionary). On Thursday the 28th of August, myself and two of my friends went to the movies at Warrawong Hoyts ($9.90 a ticket!). 555 more words