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The Babadook - 2014

The horror genre has taken a turn for the worse in recent years, with boring, cheap, lazy filmmaking techniques and marketing scams taking over what the genre is all about. 619 more words

2014 Aug - Dec

First look--Predestination, the latest time travel mind trip

Finally the Australian film Predestination will be making it to the States.  The Aussie Spierig Brothers direct this loose adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies.”  Bringing some genre street cred to this independent film is… 181 more words


Mad Max (1979): Stupid Action with no Interesting Characters

      After being spoiled by “Snowpiercer,” I was expecting more from the Post-Apocalyptic classics…especially the ones that spawned franchises (“Planet of the Apes” series did well at least). 968 more words

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[Bea's Reviews] The Babadook [2014]

By the way, doesn’t a ‘Babadook’ sound like a very cute house pet you can keep in your room with his own toys and stuff? No?


Harlequin (1980) | Nothing is what it seems in this twisted Ozploitation take on the Rasputin legend

From Australia’s answer to Roger Corman, Antony I Ginnane, comes the bizarre 1980s oddity, Harlequin, a chilling modern twist to the Rasputin story, shot in… 192 more words


Some Thing Borrowed: Homage and Repetition in Horror Cinema (Jennifer Kent's 'The Babadook')

(Probaby contains spoilers…)

The Babadook is a refreshingly good Horror film. When was the last time there was a child actor part this good? I’m thinking… 1,807 more words

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The Code (Australia 2014)

The Code is an Australian serial narrative in 6 x 60 mins episodes. It combines a mystery with a conspiracy/political thriller/investigative journalism story. The setting is in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) of Canberra and a small town in the bush where a young Aboriginal couple are involved in a car crash. 620 more words

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