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Romper Stomper - 1992

Patriotism; it can lead people to do extraordinary things, all for the “love and protection” of a nation; whatever that means. Unfortunately, “the love and protection of a nation” can be interpreted and thus, expressed in several ways, some ways more undesirable than others. 330 more words


Snowtown, 2011

Justin Kurzel’s Australian crime horror is based on the serial killings of a gang led by John Bunting who dumped the bodies of homosexuals and paedophiles and any other people they deemed inconsequential or weird enough in an abandoned bank in Snowtown, South Australia. 313 more words


Muriel's Wedding 20th Anniversary

A version of this post originally appeared at theessential.com.au

The nineties are remembered as a time in Australian cinema of camp vibrancy, of colourful, loud films that embraced and celebrated otherness. 599 more words


All time LOST is time well spent

This one is about Lost and comes in a fuselage full of spoilers. Beware.

It’s 2014. Ten years have gone by since the day I sat in my old spiky armchair and watched the first episode of Lost. 834 more words


Anger and Banality in Ghosts… of the Civil Dead

My article on Ghosts… of the Civil Dead for Senses of Cinema as part of their Key Moments in Australian Cinema series:

The anger that seethes throughout John Hillcoat’s debut feature film, …

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Review: Tracks

Robyn Davidson’s 2000-mile journey from Alice Springs to the west coast of Australia was first seen through the eyes of the many viewers of the National Geographic as photographed by Rick Smolan. 533 more words

Wolf Creek - 2005

“Crocodile Dundee” established a stereotype that every single Australian male was a butch, tanned, blonde haired, beer drinking, knife carrying, crocodile poaching, well mannered bloke who hails from the deepest parts of the Aussie outback. 417 more words