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The Babadook (Australia 2014)

Quite a few good films coming out of Oz in the last year or two I think. The Babadook is intriguing and I’m still thinking about it. 741 more words


Halloween Week! Lake Mungo

Halloween Week is a small, self-imposed experiment to write a solid horror film review that comes in at under 550 words every night until Halloween. These short form pieces will not be the norm as my verbosity is stronger than my self-restraint. 564 more words

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The Babadook Review

In recent years cinema goers have become accustomed to unimaginative cattle prod horror and lazy spin offs, the recently released Annabelle being a prime example. Once again it has been some one from outside Hollywood who has managed to breath new life into the horror genre, the Australian writer/director Jennifer Kent with her debut feature The Babadook. 497 more words

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A Chopped Liver Favourite: The Loved Ones (2009) - Australian Horror Gold

Living in Australia there are a lot of negative feelings towards Australian cinema. I mean the general consensus seems to be that there aren’t any good Australian films made any more. 395 more words


Lake Mungo (2008) - Review

So rarely am I scared of horror films. I mean I often jump during the film when the killer comes into the frame and the score plays into over drive but that isn’t real fear. 340 more words


Culture War: The Dire Condition of Australia's Arts Funding

by Olivia Smith

Australia is a source of incredible filmmakers and visual artists, but funding for our most independent creators is beset by a coalition led by Senator George Brandis, who heads our Ministry for the Arts. 558 more words

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The Rover - 19/08/2014 @ The Watershed, Bristol.

Despite the predominant sunny weather in Australia, many films of an intensely bleak nature have been set there. Themes include drug addiction (Candy), serial Killers (Snow town, Wolf Creek) and because of featureless dessert, isolation (Tracks, Wake in Fright). 554 more words

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