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Get Parents Ready for the New Curriculum

Currency conversion is one type of real-world maths example that parents use with their children. So when a survey asked 1000 parents about the problem above, it was a surprise to learn that more than half of the parents interviewed couldn’t answer the question. 386 more words

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When Maths Tests Are Testing

Pretty much all students hate maths tests. Some aren’t prepared for the questions and others just don’t perform well under pressure. But a particularly frustrated pupil, who belonged to neither category, posted… 262 more words

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The Black Death

Don’t suppose you’re about to do the Australian Curriculum Year 8 Black Death Depth Study are you? Check this out …

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Prowise is customised for Australian educators

Last week the Prowise team came to Australia to ensure that Prowise Presenter will be an efficient tool for Australian educators. As a cloud based software the Prowise team have now established an “ Australia cloud” so that teachers here can be sure that their lessons will be securely stored in Australia. 216 more words

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Yarning Strong: stories about family for young readers

Dr Anita Heiss is the author of non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial women’s fiction, poetry, social commentary and travel articles. She is a regular guest at writers’ festivals and travels internationally performing her work and lecturing on Indigenous literature. 765 more words


Game over - for assumptions of digital fluency.

My IT suite and I had a few of these moments recently…because this has been possibly the most intimidating topic I’ve encountered so far with regard to digital education. 731 more words

Could Australians 'Finnish' on top too?

Around the world, educators, experts, and policy makers find themselves surprised to learn that Finland boasts some of the highest scores in the world for standardised tests in reading, maths and science. 238 more words

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