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Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency

What does “Digital Fluency” mean? To quote from the Boise State University : “An evolving aptitude that empowers the individual to effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world. 178 more words

Living And Learning In A Digital World

Week 3: History

“The Curriculum itself is discipline-specific and is quite complex.  It excepts teachers to negotiate broad concepts and historical topics and to be able to develop skills , and inquiry questions as well as the general capabilities and perspectives… There are currently few primary teachers who have sufficient discipline knowledge to teach 18th to 20th Century Australian history with a local, state and national focus as required. 768 more words

Australian Curriculum

ACARA should be congratulated!



This infographic is a wonderful representation of the democratic process behind the development of the Australian Curriculum. These processes were also augmented by technology so that hundreds of voices were heard, in ways that would not have made possible through previous print based processes.   180 more words

Assignment 2... where to begin!?

Is anyone else struggling with picking a content descriptor/s for their Unit Plan? It’s so vast that I could pretty much pick anything. I’m finding Year 3 assessments are on the whole very open which sometimes makes it hard for me to focus in on one thing and make a fast decision to get cracking. 102 more words

Geography - Sustainability

Recently new requirements in the Australian Geography Curriculum have been implemented by the Melbourne Declaration, specifically new changes to cross-curriculum educational thinking (Australian Curriculum, 2013). Learning requirements are moving to a more contemporary and culturally relevant education, even more so in the case of teaching sustainability. 340 more words


Verbs with Tin Foil

Can you guess each action?

We chose our favourite verb and then made these tin foil sculptures to represent the action.

We’re about to begin our unit on narrative writing – I’m thinking these tin foil on black paper collages would make excellent illustrations for their stories when published into little books…? 13 more words


The Curriculum's Tongues of Fire

When does the curriculum go from a book on shelf with structured descriptions to a global language that needs  expression and understanding from all corners of the planet? 329 more words