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Rental America: Why the poor pay $4,150 for a $1,500 sofa No credit, no cash, no bank account? There’s still a place to go shopping, but it comes at a price.

The coalition is bringing us these new opportunities too

The poor today can shop online, paying in installments, or walk into traditional retailers such as Kmart that now offer in-store leasing. 225 more words

Australian Economy

Property Bubbles: Why "the Whole World has Become a City" and Australia is a Part of It

In tackling the oft debated question as to whether a real estate bubble exists in Australia, the answer you get is highly dependent on whether you think that asset prices are largely determined by… 1,797 more words

Government sponsored Crime... Welfare Fraud

Training colleges securing thousands in Government funds by targeting people with disabilities

“You’re selling them a lie because they don’t have the capacity to get that job.” 106 more words

Australian Economy

Australia is not punching at all we are just a token. For this country's sake we are better spending the money elsewhere

If Australia taking dramatic action on climate change is merely symbolic, what are we to make of our commitment to the fight again Islamic State forces? 328 more words


So where is the crisis Mr Abbott???

Australia is still the richest nation . . . But don’t celebrate just yet

Australia remains the richest country in the world according to the annual… 224 more words


Professor John Mathews and Hao Tan pointed out in their research

“latest target is that renewables will have a capacity of 550 gigawatts — over half a trillion watts — by the year 2017.

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