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It's absolutely and completely true, Tony

This is special, found at Andrew Bolt. Government spending is always related to some social good which often seems to make it beyond criticism, and certainly there are vast numbers who will not listen. 269 more words

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The GST will not be raised


DEPUTY Liberal leader Julie Bishop has ruled out accepting Treasury advice to expand the GST or re-index the fuel excise, as former treasurer Chris Bowen claimed the department “never” advised him to increase the consumption tax.

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An Australian balanced budget amendment

I may have been too hasty in judging our Treasury Secretary. My own fault for taking the word of the SMH. I, of course, remain adamantly against raising taxes to fix our current problems and repeat what I wrote yesterday: … 550 more words

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Parkinsons's disease

If you keep a Keynesian as Treasury secretary you are going to get Keynesian advice. If you take advice from a Keynesian, you will never get the economy working properly again. 154 more words

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Here's a test of will - can you watch this video without laughing?

I suppose there’s a reason for such juvenile arguments from a ten year old, but what excuse is there for the others?

From Tim Blair

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House prices ... Going up or down?

House prices remain very topical right around Australia. Here in my country town, extra activity is certainly generating greater stability in prices, and even in some sub-areas prices have risen just a bit. 670 more words


If it's not in itself value adding don't do it

I share Judy’s exasperation at the push for more infrastructure spending which is a code word for more government waste. If it is government spending, it will never repay its costs. 683 more words

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