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Australia's three speed economy in danger of stalling

By Stephen Caichi

July 21, 2014 – 2:05PM

Housing construction is helping keep the WA economy in the lead.

You may read the article here or click on the link below to go to the full site: 680 more words


Are you breathing a little easier?

I know we are already into July so discussing May results from RIB may seem a little Rip van Winklish but it is the trends that are important. 683 more words

The manifest ignorance of Joe Stiglitz

I have just caught up with the article written by Joe Stiglitz on the Australian economy, American Delusions Down Under. I have had serious doubts whether he understands his own economy given his Keynesian orientation, but that he has no idea about Australia is manifest. 378 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

The $A and a Double D election

What has struck me almost daily when in Canada and the United States was how strong the Australian dollar is compared with the local currencies. We are not so productive relative to them that things should look so cheap to me. 213 more words

Australian Economy

Monetary policy is broken

There’s been a lot in the media recently about ballooning housing prices and debt – and not just in Australia.

The IMF has recently warned that Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and others, face the possibility of major economic disruption because of high house prices, and the debt incurred by households to pay those prices. 806 more words


Australian consumer confidence at dire levels

Australians appear, at least on the outside, to be a fairly lucky bunch. Having avoided the major impacts of the GFC, profiting from a rapidly expanding China which has been chewing up as much as the Aussie miners can shovel in to its mouth, and now with The Dragon’s appetite slowing, appears to be transitioning to a non-mining boom economy quite well.  600 more words

Australian Economy

What Budget Crisis?

Joe Hockey and the Abbott Government of Australia have made a lot of noise before during and after the last election about Australia’s ‘budget emergency’. 334 more words