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Youth unemployment a key challenge as boomers retire

A new report highlights one of Australia’s greatest economic challenges: convincing employers to take on young people to replace retiring baby boomers.

The latest AMP NATSEM (National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling) report focuses on the labour market and the demographic challenges it faces. 262 more words

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Tony Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists

Economists are refuting the three big picture claims made by the government: 1) We have a budget emergency 2) We have a debt crisis and 3) The carbon tax was ruining the economy… 953 more words


We know Abbott's budget emergency is fake. So where are his real enemies?

Tony Abbott’s fair-weather allies got their wishes because they encountered little real opposition from social movements over the past six years. That has to change… 1,213 more words


UK and Australian Prime Ministers Hold Press Conference, Cameron Looks To The Future Abbott Praises Thatcher And Focuses On Colonial Past

Prime Minister David Cameron is on his first visit to Sydney ,Australia where he will be attending an Infrastructure breakfast with Australian Prime Minister before addressing the Australian Parliament in Canberra. 278 more words

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Abbott Puts His "Focus And Faith" In Big Business

Tony Abbott has stated that he unapologetically puts his government’s focus on and their faith in the private sector, In other words money is more important than skin and bones. 112 more words

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Business conditions jumped by a record amount in October

You never know what surprises are in store if you get the budget under control and encourage the private sector. Merely a straw in the wind but the direction is right. 237 more words

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How Long can Hockey Survive? As long as the poison chalice is not transferred to Turnbull

For someone whose popularity was the envy of everyone in the new Coalition government earlier this year, Joe Hockey must be wondering what the hell happened. 715 more words

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