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Public service compo culture in government's sights

Sydney Morning Herald Noel Towell 29 September 2014

The Abbott government is planning a fresh assault on its public service’s compo culture with more sweeping reforms planned for the Commonwealth workers’ compensation schemes.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Ebola crisis: Health groups, Labor urge Federal Government to do more to combat virus spread

ABC News Louise Yaxley 29 September 2014

Pressure is growing on the Federal Government to do more to help combat the rapidly spreading Ebola virus.  Medecins sans Frontieres, the Public Health Association, the Healthcare and Hospitals Association and the Australian Medical Association are all lobbying hard for Australia to dramatically increase its contribution. 42 more words

Leadership / Management

The Difference a Little Can Make

It’s now over a week since I saw the homeless lady with her baby.  I like to think that she was able to find a safe alternative and has gone onto better things, kick started by the money earned from selling her hair.  2,283 more words

Cambodia 2014

Australian Constitutional Law and your RIGHTS- Best video series to watch out there !

Bulldog Wayne Glew talking about your rights under the constitution. This man is an ex police man and has studied the constitution. Here let him explain what rights you are being told you don’t have, when in fact you do! 41 more words

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United States Has Commenced Bombing ISIS Targets Over Syria

Even though President Obama helped ISIS gain a foothold in Iraq because he abandoned Iraq before they were fully secured he was forced to take action against this barbaric group called ISIS. 433 more words

The code.

As a journalist, I’ve educated myself to work ethically and to preserve and deliver the facts (substantiated by no one other than myself) on any particular issue directly to the public. 724 more words

The Failure of Atheism

Recently in my hometown Sydney, and Brisbane, police and the secret intelligence service arrested a large number of fanatical Islamic conspirators. They had conspired to abduct a member of the public and behead him or her, then show and spread this sickening footage on social media, in order to sow fear. 2,430 more words