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Not good enough, Australia.

I’m sitting here in LA, close to tears after researching online this morning about LGBT adoption in Australia.
I’m 22 years old with a boyfriend of 3 and a half years and eventually we both want to have a child and a family of our own. 442 more words

I've spent my life being not overly political until now. WTF Australia. WTF.

There is something terribly wrong with the Australian political scene at the moment.

This is our elected government and elected prime minister.  The PM is a sort of love child of Putin and Dubya. 27 more words

Solomon Islands disaster exposes Australia’s real agenda in the Pacific

The response of the Australian and New Zealand governments and other Pacific powers to the crisis underscores their utter indifference to the plight of the country’s ordinary working people.

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Human Rights

Concerned about privatisation of unis?

Proposal appeared in the same report that suggested new fees on students and the ditching of goals to increase access to unis for disadvantaged students, although it hasn’t received much coverage yet (I’ll talk about it more when it does). 31 more words

Funding for Students with Disability and Learning Difficulties

A Dialogue reader has asked how the level of support for individual students with learning difficulties will be measured under the new funding arrangements. 

Students with learning difficulties and those with disability are treated differently. 311 more words


Aboriginal Australian Marriage Customs

Aboriginal Australians have very intricate marriage laws. The kinship system, where everyone is related, creates complexity within their society. The members are sorted with names used in each horde, and relatives-in-law are placed in the same horde as consanguineal relatives ( 811 more words