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The long way home...

We have just finished a long caravanning trip home and I am not sure whether I am more tired from the trip or the pile of washing that seems to be reaching Everest proportions.  325 more words

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Religious leaders

I grew up in England when ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland were very much in the news, particularly when they often spread to England through the killings. 362 more words

What IS A "Policy Instrument," Anyway?

A Government decision is just a starting point: unless something comes after it – action – nothing happens.

A decision might be made by Cabinet, or an individual Minister, or a public servant: but unless somebody implements something or does something, as a follow-up, the decision means nothing. 96 more words

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We are on a family holiday at the moment so I am trying to write this on the family iPad…not very successfully I might add! The thing about being on holidays is work is usually what you are trying to avoid but fortunately happy holidays just mean a boon for future creating so I am stockpiling ideas and thoughts as I go…even though my fingers are itching to do some carving. 156 more words

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Bougainville Women's News: Strengthening the participation of women in Bougainville’s development

The Challenge: Prior to the conflict, Bougainville women played vital roles in community-level decision-making and were key agents of development. Overall, women held important positions in the family and community. 515 more words

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Sorting out what we mean by education

I was horrified to hear a news item last night about the high cost of education for parents of school aged children before they even get into school. 574 more words