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Mouth of the Snowy river II

In December I went up to the Snowy river national park and then followed it down to Orbost, where it drains into the sea. It’s pretty magnificent all the way along. 121 more words

Landscape - grass verge

This is either a buloke or a sheoak in the background, rising above the small eucalyptus or tea trees. I liked this shot because it showed the soil and the edge of the sea of dry grasses. 199 more words

Landscape - strand of trees

Unsure of whether this painting turned out ok or not. I will leave it up to others to judge, sometimes I look at things I’ve done and think they are rubbish and people disagree and think they are great and sometimes I think I’ve rocked it and get raised eyebrows and ‘no comment’!  175 more words

winter living

Yes, we are still here, keeping busy by living joyfully every day. Fizzy is fully recovered and has now been accepted for pet health insurance, has had his vaccinations for the year, and has been thrilled to be allowed to play with his friends when we see them out walking. 133 more words

Our Life


The first article.

Alas, I have plucked enough courage to start my story telling journey. I reckon this will be a personal and intimate one, bringing expressions and unspoken words to life, of poetry and art, both in which I have reacquainted with in the recent years, when I was living in a coastal city in the Mid West region of Western Australia. 43 more words