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Take the Music Back - An Interview with Campbell Umbers

Gene Simmons recently declared that ‘rock is dead’, before being publicly rebuffed by the likes of Dave Grohl and Slash. It’s a sentiment that never ceases to rear its ugly head every few years, by some jaded rock start trying to maintain relevance in the new millennium. 2,012 more words

Australian Music

#1 Dads and the Dave-ecta

It’s been raining in Newcastle, it’s been raining every day this month. So slower music and the smiths continue to dominate my playlists. About face by #1 dads is just fantastic when the weather is like this and it’s my recommended music of the day. 409 more words

Saturday Morning Thoughts: The Australian Music Scene

As I sit here reminiscing about my complete Britpop fandom over the last 15 years, I also look to the future, thankful that I have discovered the Australian music scene. 677 more words

News And Opinions

Georgia, dear, Love is never Fair

A rendezvous is never fair. It’s always partial and less complete than the strength of its desire. Love, a confused tangent of the same subject matter is worse still. 666 more words


Mammals release remix of "My Kind of Woman"

Australian artist Mammals release their latest cover song, “My Kind Of Woman” originally recorded by Mac DeMarco. It’s electric pop neo wave tunes are impulsively addicting. 11 more words


INTERVIEW: Diafrix (AUS), September 2012

I knew very little about Diafrix prior to actually interviewing them. That’s probably a recurring thing from this point on in my writing; a lot of “Hey, want to speak to [x]?” and me going “Yeah, why not.” I’m quite happy I did this one – I really like what Diafrix are about, and I think having more notable people of colour in Australian hip-hop is always an important part of the progression of it here. 1,076 more words


INTERVIEW: Tonight Alive (AUS), August 2013

This was my first interview for BLUNT, and I was quite lucky in that it was with someone I know quite well and have quite a bond with. 1,586 more words