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from Issue #4: Poetry by Joe Dolce



…………………….Fan I begood my craft they passed me neth the horse’s belly,
…………………….An’ ower his back, an’ tween his legs an’ oot aneth his taillie. 800 more words

Contrappasso Magazine

Still Life With Nuclear Reactor

Sizewell B power station

Suffolk, England

a white, rounded mushroom

mixed in the world’s cauldron

the moon brought to ground,

gleaming, radiating

the giant forbidden fruit… 37 more words

S. C. Flynn

The Poetry of the Workshop: Francesca Sasnaitis discusses 'These Heathen Dreams: Journey of a Cultural Bolshevik: Christopher Barnett'.

These Heathen Dreams: Journey of a Cultural Bolshevik: Christopher Barnett. Dir/ Prod Anne Tsoulis, Prod Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, Prod Estelle Robin You. Melbourne International Film Festival screening, 17 August 2014. 1,192 more words

Australian Poetry


I was not born to this, but time has done its work.

On the first day, years ago, I smashed my head

against the wall like the Spartan boy seeking death… 90 more words

S. C. Flynn

Search Engines

What of those moments when we are touched

by a feeling, sense or knowledge

that connects us to the inexpressible?

I had one as a child. 126 more words

S. C. Flynn


Todays Sermon is Rated R+, and contains sexual content, including; exhibitionisim, voyeurism, B & D and some stuff I’m not sure they have a name for yet. 208 more words

An Appeal on Behalf of the Greek Philosophers Corroboration Fund

Long, long ago in a country

far, far away, Anaxagoras wrote that

in the beginning

everything was combined in one mass.

Billions of research dollars later, 117 more words

S. C. Flynn