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after ten ill hours
my wife finds sleep

and finally repairing

my heart

zucchini leaves

after afternoon sun

Australian Poetry

Love built of a long marriage: "Tongues" by Philip Martin. #Valentines #poetryisjustawesome

(The speaker is a woman whose husband has died after a long illness)

Three days before he died the hospital called me:
He was unconscious, sinking. 279 more words

Living Life in the Rhythm Section: Nathan Hondros reviews 'One Hour Seeds Another' by Andrew Burke

One Hour Seeds Another by Andrew Burke Walleah Press 2014

One Hour Seeds Another, Andrew Burke’s twelfth collection of poetry, is an important book and demands your attention. 1,364 more words

Australian Literature

from Issue #6: Poetry by Frank Russo



They found one of the blond twins to play Jesus—
the ones whose parents had migrated to the Ruhr
to work as factory hands. 758 more words

Contrappasso Magazine

'Aurevoir to Carl & Trish' an unpublished poem by John Forbes

This poem is occasional enough to perhaps benefit from a little bit of context, of the kind John didn’t especially like. In 1981 my partner Trish Davies and I moved to Blackheath, in the bushfire-prone Blue Mountains. 364 more words

Australian Literature

from Issue #6: Poetry by Siobhan Hodge


 Happy Valley Turnover

American alfalfa, fresh
off the jet, arrives
for a visiting
in the barracks.

Soybean starches
ulcered bellies,
oats and lucerne… 269 more words

Contrappasso Magazine

Fishing for Stars in the Sea

I came across this poem by Roderic Quinn which, today, I thought I’d share just for its own sake.

I took a boat on a starry night… 177 more words