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I am standing on fertilised ground
when the man asks me if I’m hungry.

I tell him ‘not for a long time’,
not since I’ve been consumed, 57 more words

Miguel Jacq


write it down,
your whir of brain,

of algorithms dancing
to a tune

only you know.

key it in,
this cipher spider

you pseudo-random you. 65 more words

Miguel Jacq

Poem: Omens

I should have known from the retching crow

that passed on my way to the station

that morning. The signs were there

in the sprinkle of chocolate… 92 more words


Poem: Constancy

Some things a woman says are bridges

raising grief over happiness.

Once, I could only be satisfied

if she was always there, then just a touch… 70 more words


The Restraint of Meaning: Stevi-Lee Alver reviews the #concrete issue of 'Australian Poetry Journal'.

Australian Poetry Journal Volume 3. Issue 2 # concrete. Edited by Bronwyn Lea

The diversity of contributors and the perceptivity of criticism make this an approachable and compelling introduction to the form and history of concrete poetry. 779 more words

Australian Poetry

Poem: Adultery

To say just what you feel is never easy.

A woman’s clothes lying by her feet in a pile

might be the foam from which a goddess is born… 70 more words


nine year microwave sky

This poem is the namesake of my rebooted blog here. It was also 1 of 8 poems shortlisted for the Australian Science Poetry award in 2013. 147 more words

Miguel Jacq