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Sick Senate: Motoring Party Farce Plays Into Palmer's Hands

JUST HOW AMATEURISH Australia’s newly-minted minor parties are has been graphically illustrated by the so-called Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party — which, curiously, backs the carbon tax — and whose minions seems too busy trying to sack each other to seriously concern themselves with the business of politics and government. 1,143 more words

Just A Wrecker: Now Palmer Wants To Block Supply

ATTEMPTS TO SABOTAGE the federal budget are one thing, but trying to block supply is another matter. Any doubt Clive Palmer and his parliamentary rabble are motivated by more than a vindictive desire to wreck the Abbott government has been dispelled by Palmer’s latest crusade to stop the Coalition’s asset recycling fund — torpedoing yet another promise — and force an election. 859 more words

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis - the Different Responses of Australian Politics

The ongoing conflict in Gaza is without question one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. The ongoing loss of life is appalling and must stop immediately. 793 more words


The C Word

I’m writing this very quickly while I wrangle children and dogs and dinner, so forgive the shallowness of this post, but now I’ve got your attention, it’s not what you think. 328 more words

Australian Politics

Open Season: The Australian Prime Ministership

The Australian parliamentary party room has been variously likened to a Darwinian animal kingdom, a Chicago street gang, and an ongoing hunt with the party leader always in the crosshairs.1 Though superficially hyperbolic such descriptions give some insight into the competitive and often ruthless nature of Australian politics. 3,684 more words

Scott Morrison's Christmas Island Cover Up

The national inquiry into children in immigration detention has heard evidence alleging a Government cover-up about the scale of mental health issues among child asylum seekers. 1,101 more words

Australian Politics

Careful What You Wish For: Palmer Demands Election

AN ADDICTION TO DOLING OUT HANDOUTS and politics by wilful deceit appears to motivate Clive Palmer’s latest demands for an election; claiming the Abbott government’s budget has “crashed” — a development aided and partly engineered by himself — Palmer seeks a mini-budget or a double dissolution. 1,771 more words