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Oz 'government' set to break most promises

Downunder we have the first of the budgets handed down by this rabble of wicked children that is referred to by some as ‘the Government’ due early next month. 263 more words


Brave King Clive and the foul Green Army | Thursday 24 April 2014

This one seems to have been swallowed up by a depressing news week. Oh well, at least you have pictures of me playing a ukelele now. 25 more words


Joe Hockey's Pre-Budget Hypocrisy

Last night Joe Hockey gave a pre-budget speech for the Spectator Oz. The speech hit on many of Mr Hockey’s favourite themes since his “The End of the Age of Entitlement” speech in London just over 2 years ago. 1,294 more words


The Great Big F35 Con

The F35 is the last fighter any sane PM would buy. Reports indicate that it flies like a pregnant duck and computer simulations show it is completely outclassed by the Russian Sukhoi fighter, and it’s Chinese copy that are already in service. 244 more words

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Has the Australian Government Overreacted to Cats Replacing Tony Abbot?

Over 40,000 people have downloaded a browser ‘plugin’ that shields Internet users from photographs of Tony ‘Mad Monk’ Abbot, the Liberal Prime Minister of Australia. The nifty add-on, entitled Stop Tony Meow, replaces images of the esteemed Prime Minister with photographs of kittens. 221 more words

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How to punish at fault drivers in collisions with cyclists?

Social media flare ups and inflammatory pieces in The Australian have reignited the dormant culture war between motorists and cyclists. The squabble is tiring, but has been drawn into focus by a provocative and thoughtful, … 1,005 more words

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