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Is the Government softening their position on illegal migration??

After reading online news today, I was bemused at how Immigration Minister appears to be softening his approach to Illegal Immigration in Australia. The Minister has confirmed that 150 Tamil asylum seekers and seven other people held on a customs ship will be transferred to the Australian mainland. 322 more words


Rostrum: Operation Operational Operations Edition!

Sneering leftie elitists presents Joe Hockey the Smiling Buffoon, or How Australia Learned to Love Me and Make Me the Prime Minister.

That fat cigar-smoking sanctimonious bastard Joe Hockey, otherwise known as the Federal Treasurer, has unleashed a new account of his rise to the Prime Ministership in a much anticipated sequel to the success of his first ever federal budget. 71 more words

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Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use

I’m a pretty big fan of letting people do whatever the hell they want with their lives – it’s a core part of being the ‘little l’ liberal that I am. 1,271 more words

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Jacquie Lambie's Massive Cock Up!

Jacqui Lambie, the Palmer United Party MP who shares the balance of power in the upper house, has apologised after declaring in a radio interview that she is looking for a partner who is “well-hung” and loaded. 159 more words

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Tony Abbott has said some really stupid shit over the years.

Are you lacking direction in your life? Are you wondering what the next step is? Do you sometimes, look to the sky and think ‘Higher powers, give me WISDOM.’ 145 more words


Why is Bill Shorten Attending the Australian Christian Lobby National Conference?

The leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten, has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at The Australian Christian Lobby’s National Conference in October this year. 271 more words

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Begin Rant: The EasyCount code - why it just can't be public

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve been struggling for some time with the repeated calls and FOI requests for the release of the code that does the allocation of Senate preferences for federal elections – a program called EasyCount.

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