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Muslim leaders complain of 'unfair smearing'

The reality is that if anyone in this whole sorry saga is causing ‘unfair smearing’ to Muslims, it’s the extremists themselves who are using Islam to carry out atrocities in its name. 345 more words

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Madness: ASIO wants more foxes to guard hen house

In the cultural relativist mess of contradictions rattling around ASIO boss David Irvine’s head, all religions are the same, and threats of terrorist attacks on Australian soil have ‘nothing to do with Islam’. 314 more words

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Shock! The phrase 'Team Australia' is divisive

Naturally, because anything which doesn’t plunge feet first into the fetid sludge of multicultural enrichment must be bad.

I’m sure you all know the drill by now. 393 more words

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Honourable Course: Shorten, Exonerated, Should Still Quit

AN ANNOUNCEMENT this morning that Victoria Police have concluded investigations into historic rape allegations involving “a senior ALP figure” and that no charges will be laid is, to be sure, welcome. 1,492 more words

Useful Idiots #4: Barack Obama and John Kerry

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this – Obama has always favoured Muslims over Christians and other religious groups. He began his presidency by… 229 more words

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Get on board Team Australia

The threat of a terrorist attack towards Australia has greatly increased as a result of the growing crisis in Syria and Iraq and our close proximity to a large Muslim country. 413 more words

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Submission to Senate inquiry into Greens' euthanasia bill

SUBMISSION to Inquiry: the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014

Dear Committee Members,

I am strongly opposed to this bill because it is clearly not a medical service to intentionally kill an innocent person. 304 more words

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