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Favourite quotes: from Thea Astley's Coda

I’ve decided to start a new, occasional series – a bit like The Conversation does! I have two reasons for this. One is that I’m reading pretty slowly at the moment, partly because my current read is a big one, and partly because life is busy.  475 more words

Australian Literature

Julie Twohig, Full circle (Review)

When I review individual stories, I tend to choose ones that are available on-line. Is that fair, I wonder? It means the author receives no payment for the story I review, but it does mean readers can enjoy a story that they may not otherwise easily access and, I suppose, that the author receives some exposure. 676 more words

Australian Literature

Monday musings on Australian literature: Noted Works series

In early December I wrote a post about online journal The Conversation‘s occasional series they call The case for …. I promised that I would write my own case, and I will – soon. 634 more words

Australian Literature

Island life - the scary truth

Living on Scotland Island – Everything You Need to Know

Drive north along the coast not quite all the way to Palm Beach, turn left, drive a bit further, park your car and get out. 1,133 more words


On Helen Garner

Thoughts on Helen Garner

I’ve just finished reading ‘This House of Grief’, Garner’s latest non-fiction work. It was almost too painful to read at times, not only because of its ghastly subject matter, but also due to Helen’s signature style: holding nothing back, inviting the reader to share with her the horror of seeing a man accused, wrongly or rightly, of drowning his three little sons. 435 more words

Australian Writers

Text Messages From the Forest

I awoke hungover. The sound of the crickets and bugs was beautiful. They clicked and muttered high up in the trees, under dead leaves, in damp logs hairy with beards of moss and ferns like curly whiskers out of old men’s ears. 2,326 more words


Thea Astley, Drylands (Review, of sorts)

I read Thea Astley’s Drylands many, many years ago now, so what I’m going to share here – inspired by my post earlier this year on… 953 more words

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