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Ryan Kwanten nude in True Blood 1-02 "The First Taste"

Ryan Kwanten tied to a bed naked, such a fantastic example of how good this show is.


Matthew Le Nevez, Garry McDonald and John Waters shirtless in Offspring 4-02 "Episode 2"

What was already a great show became so much better when they started getting super hot Matthew Le Nevez’s clothes off in each episode. Poor Nina walking in on her Mum and two Dads in the hot tub together.


Black Boys

Black Boys

It now is politically incorrect to call these native Australian grass trees ‘Black Boys’ but I grew up knowing them as that and the proper name is unpronounceable – Xanthorrhoea.


The Babadook Trailer (2014)

An upcoming Australian horror movie, the trailer actually gives you chills.


David Berry and Russell Queay kissing in A Place To Call Home 1-06 "That's Amore"

David Berry is strikingly handsome and his character is married but had a relationship with his wife’s brother, of which he is having to reveal to her.


Goth's don't Tan

Copyright – Lauren Horwood / A collaboration with Frankie Faux

Travis Fimmel shirtless in Vikings 1-03 "Dispossessed"

Ragnor (Travis Fimmel) and his wife try and lure the cute Monk into joining them in a threesome but he stupidly knocked them back. What a body Fimmel has.