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Malaysian Airlines tragedy…

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, there has been a Malaysian Airlines plane that has been bombed straight out of the air in the… 601 more words


Talking bullshit in Australia vs. America

Let us begin by taking note of the “high tolerance of swear words” (Goddard 2006: 66) which characterises Australian speech practices, a point on which Anglo-Americans tend to differ judging from injunctions such as “Forget the image of The Sopranos. 423 more words

English Language (sort Of)

Biggles Sweeps the Desert

Tally Ho!

After fresh water and somewhere to cool down a few tinnies, air support will be high on any desert survival list. So enter No. 250 more words


Unknown land of the South

The notion of liberalism of the country is one way to achieve freedom, where Philippines hard to perform constantly. I choose Australia.

Australia scores high on personal freedom according to social progress index (SPI) and place as number one in the world in terms of personal rights last January 2014. 469 more words


Hvar - the good times

In this post we are going to share our amazing 3 days in Hvar which wasn’t long enough in our opinion, and we were desperate not to leave. 745 more words

australians abroad

Ever been so appalled by Australian behaviour abroad you’ve wanted to tell people?  me too.  stay tuned.

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It’s a national treasure.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Australia's most bizarre office rules

From an office lucky stone to a ban on bananas, bizarre office rules sound like the stuff of urban legend. But believe it or not, wacky workplace rules are enforced at seemingly ordinary offices. 691 more words