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Australians aren't racist. They just hate Muslims.

In a bid to rid the country of everyone who looks un-Australian, Australia’s population of white Australian people who hate anyone who isn’t white and Australian is going around punching people who don’t look white and Australian. 159 more words

This is for you Keitha!

When I meet good people, it feels like a baptism. Cool fresh, supposedly holy water washes over my head and drips into my fucking fiery ragey heart and calms it a little. 183 more words

The National Union Of Workers Want Your View On Job Equality

The National Union of Workers is releasing a national campaign aimed at improving the rights of workers in Australia – and they want your say. 429 more words

Road-trippin' with strangers

After landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport Sunday afternoon, having taken a beer-induced nap on my flight from Omaha after my friends’ wedding two days earlier, I got a couple text messages from United, telling me my flight had been delayed twice in succession. 1,038 more words


Aaannd, they're gone!

What is it with those Aussies? They show up, rock my world, and just move on. Go figure.

It was a whirlwind eight days and nights, full of marathon pie baking, beach walking, pizza eating, trampoline jumping, movie going as well as Miss America and Dancing With the Stars watching, hide-and-go-seek playing, vanilla milkshake drinking, cartwheeling and flipping, dog walking, kitty petting, toast and jam eating, not to mention non-stop talking and laughing. 22 more words

A twenty minute of fame;"a beheading video" .

Don’t get me wrong, I would not welcome a beheading nor a shark attack or a Thai hoe attack. But the beat up about the first has now reached apocalyptical proportions. 361 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Terrifying Intentions

Hopefully the title is enough to alert you to the content of this post, but if not consider this a warning.  This report is very disturbing.   466 more words