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For All Eternity

For All Eternity

Current Line-up:

  • Vocals: Shane Carroll
  • Vocals/ Drums: Michael Buckley:
  • Guitar: Jeremy Mosiejczuk
  • Guitar: Nicolas Page

Genre: Metalcore

Hometown: Sydney, Australia



Are Australians Working To Live Or Living To Work?

At the YCW, we’ve had many discussions about work-life balance and the impact it has on us as individuals. At our recent National Council we established that ‘work-life balance’ was at the top of the list of concerns for young people based on the data collected from our national survey. 799 more words

Onwards and upwards, from Maine to Canada

It’s only been like five months since I wrote it, but I finally crossed another thing off my to-do list…and even then I really half-assed it. 1,961 more words


I don't know where to start!!

I’m feeling confused on how to start my business, I don’t know who to talk to about starting it!
I think I need to evolve my business plan but it would be so much easier with help from someone who knows what they are doing, because I’m… 10 more words

There's a problem in this country, and it's not just Tony Abbott or that we still don't have Netflix.

With tension growing in the Middle East as ISIS leaders continue to fight for the Syrian border, more tourists and journalists being held captive and civilians from Turkey and Kobani flee their homes in fear of terror, media outlets and the Australian public sit nervously, awaiting the next story to be released. 851 more words


David: Do Other Countries Enjoy Our Snacks?

Americans have a certain taste profile. We might not like it when we have to try something that’s foreign to our taste buds.

But what happens when you give foreigners something from our flavor profile. 24 more words