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How to Talk Australians - Episode 8: ‘CITIZENSHIP TEST’

EPISODE 8: ‘CITIZENSHIP TEST’ The students sit a mock Australian Citizenship Test. We also see the students graduation. The series finishes when their belove…
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“People need to learn a lot more about epilepsy”

Did you know that research from 2013 found that 1 in 2 Australians who have epilepsy receive unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace? In this interview, Amazing Race winner, Nathan Jolliffe shares his thoughts about workplace discrimination and what we can do to reduce the stigma surrounding epilepsy.



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Epilepsy Facts

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How to Talk Australians - Episode 4: ‘FAMOUS AUSTRALIANS’

EPISODE 4: ‘FAMOUS AUSTRALIANS’ Includes a truly C-class impersonations of Pauline Hanson and a clumsy re-enactment of a Ned Kelly hold-up. Maharaji Davo tak…
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How to Talk Australians - Episode 7: ‘DUNNY BUDGIES & BUDGIE SMUGGLERS’

EPISODE 7: ‘DUNNY BUDGIES & BUDGIE SMUGGLERS’ A way-too detailed account of how pervasive the humble blowfly is on Australian life. Also further examines Aus…
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How to Talk Australians - Episode 5: ‘NICKNAMES - HELLO CHOPPER’

EPISODE 5: ‘NICKNAMES – HELLO CHOPPER’ ‘Chopper’ the talking cockie takes over the class with his incessant foul mouth/beak. The students adopt some anglicis…
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