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Places to Eat in Bali desingn Pirate, Indonesia

Traveleggo.com -Who would have thought , Bali had to eat at the same place recreation pirate themed culinary adventure in Indonesia . His name is Pirates Bay , which is located in Nusa Dua . 302 more words


Indigenous Australians in the Media

One of the key things I’ve noticed over the past four weeks of Understanding Communication is steadily changing depiction and representation of indigenous Australians in the media. 285 more words

Explaining Why You Eat Kangaroo: In Japanese!

As an Australian in Japan, one of the first words to get brought up in conversation is kangaroos; especially in regards to their cuteness. So what happens when you have unresolved issues with this particular member of the animal kingdom and have vowed to get revenge on them by eating them? 13 more words


Warsaw, Poland

The last leg of our trip has been spent in Poland, between Warsaw and Krakov, and our stay here has been great, but has also seen better times. 424 more words


Attitude adjustment

I dunno if this is some “writer” thing or if it’s just dumb luck, but most everything I bang out for this blog and the newspaper column tends to be inspired by some innocuous happening or off-hand comment that gets me thinking. 1,186 more words


Nestlé is going into poor countries like Pakistan and buying up whatever clean water is available so they can sell it in plastic bottles to Europeans, Australians, and Americans.


Imagine being so thirsty that you drink water contaminated with raw sewage.

According to the World Health Organization, over a billion people in the developing world lack access to sanitary drinking water, and 2 million people die every year as a result — most of them children under 5 years old. 337 more words

The 'influenced culture' - are you a part of it? #MangoesWorld #Blogger

It is intriguing when you take a step back and look at the world from the outside. Our society is deeply built and consists entirely on the continued and morphing world of entertainment, whether it exists on the basic of performances and presentations or sport and activities. 1,159 more words