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Why Are Corporations Hoarding all that Cash?

One of the ongoing puzzles of this joyless recovery (to give it the benefit of the doubt) has been the huge accumulation of cash by corporations. 1,534 more words

Austrian Business-Cycle Theory

Austrian Business Cycle Theory | Tom Woods


Tom Woods offers a simple explanation of Austrian Business Cycle Theory. Excerpted from his 2009 lecture entitled “Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920″

Libertarian/Austrian Economics

Money and Markets: The Binge, the Bartender and the Austrian Hangover Theory, by Charles Goyette

I believe everyone who reads my blog can understand this basic financial explanation of what we are beginning to see happen in the markets. Charles suggests that even though the markets seem to be back on track we shouldn’t be fooled, and he uses Austrian economics to explain himself. 1,316 more words