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30/9/1914 [Eastern Front] Germany bails out Austria

German troops have served a sound thrashing to Russian forces who tried to invade East Prussia. The Austro-Hungarian army has been less fortunate, suffering a series of defeats in battles in Galicia. 54 more words


17/9/1914 [Galicia] The Austrians make a stand at Przemysl

A curious pattern has emerged in the East. The fighting in East Prussia has shown that the Germans can easily defeat the Russians. But in Galicia, the Russians have been able to inflict a series of defeats on the Austro-Hungarians. 150 more words


15/9/1914 [Balkan Front] The Austrians expel the Serbian army from Bosnia

Things have not been going too well for Austria-Hungary. Two invasions of Serbia have now failed and Austro-Hungarian armies in Galicia have been shattered by the Russians. 54 more words


Assault on Monte Cucco

A dramatic picture for today, which shows an assault of Italian infantry against Austro-Hungarian positions on Monte Cucco, in Isonzo region. This picture, like the other ones published this week, is a recent reprint of a picture previously published in war magazines, probably in this case the… 46 more words


11/9/1914 [Galicia] Conrad orders an Austrian retreat

The Germans are pushing the Russians out of East Prussia. Further south in Galica, their Austro-Hungarian allies are having less luck. Lemberg has fallen to the Russians. 59 more words


9/9/1914 The Austrians suffer another reverse in Serbia

The Austro-Hungarians have crossed the Drina near Velino Selo, attempting another invasion of Serbia. But they are unable to advance from their bridgehead and are suffering terribly from Serbian fire. 42 more words


8/9/1914 Austria has another go at invading Serbia

Austria-Hungary’s last attempt to invade Serbia was a costly disaster. Now they are having another go. Potiorek’s army has been reinforced and now he sends his men across the river Drina. 42 more words