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War movie posters: Uomini Contro

I had the chance to visit a small exhibition in Gallarate (Italy) about war movies’ posters, I wanted to share with you some of them, which are of course all movies linked to the Great War. 25 more words


16/10/1914 [Galicia] Now is not actually the time for Austria to make good its losses

The Russians have overrun much of eastern Galicia. Now that a German-led offensive is drawing Russian forces off into Poland, Austria-Hungary’s Conrad had hoped that his army would be able to strike back against the Russians and drive them back across the border. 82 more words


14/10/1914 [Galicia] Now is the time for Austria to make good its losses

Conrad, Austria-Hungary’s commander in chief, thinks that now is the time for his soldiers to attempt to regain the territory lost in Galicia. The Russians are heavily engaged in Poland against the Germans, so they should not have the forces in place to halt a determined Austro-Hungarian onslaught. 72 more words


A war memorial in Venice

Today’s pictures are kindly provided by my wife, who’s currently working in Venice (lucky wife). She spotted this Italian War Memorial, which states

Per diverse terre le vostre ossa…

73 more words

11/10/1914 [Eastern Front] Austrian forces relieve besieged Przemysl

Russian forces under Radko Dimitriev have been besieging the Austro-Hungarian fortress city of Przemysl. The Russians lack heavy artillery. Unable to destroy the city’s defences, they have attempted to take Przemysl by storm. 94 more words


2/10/1914 Confusing battles in Poland

The Germans and Austro-Hungarians are attacking the Russians in Poland. The Austro-Hungarians have previously been shattered by the Russians, but the German presence is giving them back some spirit. 95 more words


30/9/1914 [Eastern Front] Germany bails out Austria

German troops have served a sound thrashing to Russian forces who tried to invade East Prussia. The Austro-Hungarian army has been less fortunate, suffering a series of defeats in battles in Galicia. 54 more words