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The Brigata Sassari Memorial on Monte Zebio

I had already presented you Monte Zebio in a previous post, here’s another pic taken in the same location: an elegant memorial which celebrates the action of the famous Sardinian Sassari Brigade, erected in 1997.  22 more words


Sartorio's War: the destruction of Latisana bridge

Thank’s God it’s Friday, therefore here’s our classical weekly Giulio Aristide Sartorio‘s print. The location of this scene is very precise: it shows us the destruction of the bridge over the Tagliamento river by Italian troops, in a place named Latisana. 45 more words


Sartorio's War: a mortar on the Monte Vodice

This work is a study done by Italian war artist Giulio Aristide Sartorio for his series about the Carso front. It shows us the transport of a gigantic mortar by Italian troops in the region of Monte Vodice.


Russian spotlight

This picture was taken on the Galician front and shows us a Russian spotlight. Such a picture reminds this other one published about 18 monts ago, taken… 29 more words


Sartorio's War: a doline on the Carso front

The word “doline” (more commonly known as “sinkhole”), in italian “Dolina”, comes from a slovene word which means “valley”. Dolines are a common element of the landscape of the Carso region, which was one of most fought fronts of the Italian war. 30 more words


The Flamethrower

Here’s a picture of an Austrian flamethrower, taken on the Italian front around 1915/1916. To be more precise, this one is a “50l M.15a mittlere Flammenwerfer” (medium), which was used to protect trenches during attacks. 28 more words


The white war (again)

You certainly remember this picture I’ve posted some time ago (see this post), which shows us men of Italian 4th Field Artillery Regiment (3rd Group, 6th Déport Battery, 4th Army Corps) hauling a 1911 gun. 51 more words