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17/12/1914 Limanowa: a rare victory for Austria

The Austro-Hungarian offensive in Galicia comes to a halt. In contrast to their drubbing in Serbia, here Habsburg forces have won a rare victory, throwing the Russians back from the Carpathian passes and capturing the towns of Limanowa and Lapanow. 56 more words


15/12/1914 Belgrade liberated, Austria routed

The Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia has collapsed. The routed invaders are fleeing across the border as fast as they can run. Serbian forces recapture their capital. 46 more words


12/12/1914 Austria pushes back Russia

The Russians are gamely resisting the Austro-Hungarian counter-attack in Galicia, but the fighting is not going their way. Austro-Hungarians under General Boroevic recapture the mountain passes leading into Hungary and force a Russian retreat. 50 more words



I was searching pics of pairs of soldiers and I’ve found this one of two K.u.K. (Austro-Hungarian) officers. They wear the classical Feldkappe with some… 37 more words


9/12/1914 Austria strikes back against Russia

Things are once more going badly for the Austro-Hungarians in Serbia. But this is not the only front on which they are fighting. Their chief of staff, General Conrad, has ordered an offensive in the Carpathian Mountains against the Russians. 134 more words


3/12/1914 Serbia: fickle fortune dispenses its favours

Austria-Hungary’s Potiorek is pleased. In a month of tough fighting, his men have forced back the Serbs and obliged them to abandon Belgrade. He orders a victory parade through the Serb capital and starts to move forces eastwards, planning a great outflanking movement of the battered enemy. 122 more words


2/12/1914 Austria takes Belgrade

The Serbs have resisted as best they can against the Austro-Hungarian invaders, but the odds against them are overwhelming. The Austro-Hungarians have more troops but worse, they have plenty of ammunition and equipment. 161 more words