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Genoa War Memorial (today)

I had published a post about the very same memorial (see this post), I had to show how this huge monument looks nowadays! I must admit it’s quite impressive, and much more bigger than I thought. 26 more words


Avanti la musica!

According to the caption of this picture published in weekly Domenica del Corriere, this scene took place on Quota 652 on Vodice Mount. I don’t know if it really happened, but I am sure my friend Mike Brubaker will love it!


97 years ago: Caporetto

This was on October 24th, 1917. Austrian troops, with the support of German units, were able to break into the Italian front line and rout the Italian army, which had practically no mobile reserves. 37 more words


War movie posters: Il giorno più corto

Il giorno più corto (also known as The Shortest Day) is a 1962 Italian Comedy film directed by Sergio Corbucci. This parody of the war movie… 70 more words


War movie posters: La Grande Guerra

And for the third poster of war movies linked to the Great War, I am proposing you today the best Italian one ever made: La Grande Guerra… 62 more words


War movie posters: Uomini Contro

I had the chance to visit a small exhibition in Gallarate (Italy) about war movies’ posters, I wanted to share with you some of them, which are of course all movies linked to the Great War. 25 more words


16/10/1914 [Galicia] Now is not actually the time for Austria to make good its losses

The Russians have overrun much of eastern Galicia. Now that a German-led offensive is drawing Russian forces off into Poland, Austria-Hungary’s Conrad had hoped that his army would be able to strike back against the Russians and drive them back across the border. 82 more words