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Ed รจ probabile che questo mondo sia peggiore rispetto a quello che abbiamo davanti agli occhi. Noi siamo solo la crosta coagulata del sangue di una ferita vecchia. 792 more words


Listen: Fuck Buttons - Brainfreeze (Alt Mix)

Fuck Buttons feature a alternative mix to their track ‘Brainfreeze’ on the upcoming Bleep:10 compilation, celebrating 10 years of Bleep.

This new mix sounds great and is fairly different to the original, with different drums patterns that give the song a totally different feel, its got a dnb/breakbeat feel and the drums are heavily affected. 137 more words


Module #2 - Distillation and transition: Garbage EP (1995), Anvil Vapre EP (1995), Tri Repetae (1995), Envane EP (1997), Chiastic Slide (1997) & Cichli Suite EP (1997)

Spotify playlist: 1995-97 highlights

When is an album not an album? When it’s an Autechre EP, some of which clock in at over an hour. Occasionally the distinction seems arbitrary but more often the EP material feels like it could only exist outside the meticulously crafted narratives of the LPs, the ‘extended play’ format being used as a sketchbook for future directions or as a journal for temporary diversions. 688 more words


Albums of the Year 2013: #10 to #1

#10 | Sonny and the Sunsets – Antenna to the Afterworld

I was a big fan of Sonny and the Sunset’s last album, 2012′s Longtime Companion… 1,600 more words


corporeal origins

the fine line where selfishness and possession get mistaken as respect. or the innate defense that ‘it’ is here for us (one), and us alone. there is no inborn privilege for access, to distinguish yourself from other. 122 more words