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Thankfulness . . . the healthiest attitude

The way you look at your life at this moment can determine your future health and happiness.

How you habitually think has great bearing on your performance at school or work, your physical health, your emotions and your relationships. 497 more words


2 secrets behind Happiness: the how and the why...

Happiness, contentment and well-being are goals. They are the outcome of our daily life, the products of our actions, the results of our behaviors and attitude. 528 more words


Test your ability to spot a fake smile or a Duchenne smile

To test your ability to spot a fake smile or a Duchenne smile click here ==> Spot The Fake Smile Return back to my blog and let me know how you did, my score is 18 out of 20, not bad , I guess :) . 231 more words

Back to work, with a balanced plan...

It is September time again: we are all back at work, at school or college, enrolled in our weekly activities.
This is the time when we all meet in conference rooms, downtown shops and restaurants, and on the road in traffic jams. 289 more words


21 Days of Fantastic: Day 10, Spread the Love

I’m a big fan of expressing gratitude — thank you notes, texts, emails. ┬áThis idea is one I want to do but haven’t done yet. ┬áThe basic idea comes from… 182 more words


Hope and the Spirit

Vaclav Havel said “Hope is not a prognostication, it is an orientation of the spirit.” This sounds to me like something to steer by, where hope becomes an inner compass point to help us stay on course. 580 more words