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On Not Being a Pessimist...

Here is what taking a simple and seeming silly Optimism quiz for last ditch extra credit in Psychology taught me today.  To a point, sometimes it can be the simplest things in life that bear the greatest significance. 27 more words

Giving Thanks

Yes, I know, gratitude is trendy. Everywhere you look, people are posting Facebook status updates with their gratitude lists. Staff meetings, yoga classes, articles, blog posts…it seems like everyone is talking about gratitude all the time. 459 more words


Clinical Test Reject

Over the past year, I’ve offered myself up as guinea pig to a variety of clinical tests. I have a keen interest in neuroscience in general and Alzheimer’s disease in particular, so most of my inquiries have been brain-related. 1,029 more words

Authentic Happiness Survey/ Questionnaire

I had my therapy appointment yesterday and just wanted to share what my therapist shared with me.

It’s a link to the University of Pennsylvania called Authentic Happiness. 174 more words

🚽 Flush

Essential skills for a meaningful life

The Authentic-Happiness.com team just released a major update of the web platform. You can now find over 55 different free learning tracks, tools, workbooks and templates to help you shape your life. 64 more words


JoelleYX's Strengths (24 VIA Survey of Character Strengths)

My Motivating Workout Buddy, Jianhao, introduced the 24 Character Strengths Survey that he took few months back with his Officers in the MINDEF.

The VIA (Values in Action) Inventory of Strengths… 1,233 more words

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