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People Need Feedback

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve. – Bill Gates

According to 1,400 executives polled by The Ken Blanchard Companies, failing to provide feedback is the most common mistake that leaders make. 580 more words


Authentic Leadership: Building your support team

Have some group that will tell you the truth and to whom you can tell the truth. Warren Bennis

It’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of the key this statement holds.

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Good to Great: Have We Forgotten About Authentic Leadership?

One of my favorite books is Good to Great by Jim Collins.  It is an excellent articulation of what it takes to transform a business from good to great.  855 more words


Authentic Leadership: integrating your life

In their book True North, George and Sims suggest that one of the attributes of authentic leaders is an integrated life. They go on to explain: 1,051 more words


Titles Can't Lead

You’ve worked hard to earn your title and position of leadership. You’ve done more than required of you and now you have the opportunity to truly make a difference. 679 more words


Be a Two-Timing Coach

The phrase “two-timer” certainly has a well deserved negative connotation to it. It is most often used to define a person who is cheating in a relationship with another person. 639 more words


Creating Law and Order: Leading with Discipline

Are you leading with discipline? Does this type of leader describe you?

  • You actually enjoy routine. In fact, if there is no structure, you create one.
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