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The Joys And Challenges Of A New Experience

As I write this post I’m sitting on a plane heading off on vacation in Spain.  I haven’t spent a lot of time in Spain, so I’m treating it as a brand new adventure.  980 more words


Understanding and improving your own charisma.

What is Charisma? People may not agree on an exact definition of charisma but they can generally agree on who has it and who doesn’t. When I ask people about who they would list as charismatic I usually get names like, John F. 376 more words

Leadership Tools

Taking Care of Unfinished Business

Have you ever had one or two unchecked items on your “what I’m going to do some day” list?

And then everyone once in a while, the opportunity comes up to check off of as complete one of those items on the “unfinished business” list. 207 more words


Book 13: Be Real

I’m returning from a short hiatus in the #EmptyShelf Challenge. I’m back to review an excellent book (my 13th this year) about being real and living authentically. 506 more words

Leading Self

Four ways to help those you are leading (and yourself) remember you are not a superhero

I was recently having coffee with a guy I meant last year while speaking at an event. As we were talking he told me of different ways he felt like he was failing in his personal life. 750 more words

Personal Growth And Transformation

A great reminder to just follow your dreams....

Today is a testament that if you have a dream (big or small) and you have the passion to back it up….go for it. Jump in head first, face your fears of failure, jump over the hurdles (aka challenges), learn from the experience and whatever you do…just go after it. 1,142 more words

What's your Leadership C.A.R.E. quotient?

The ability of service teams to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations is, in large part, dependent on the person leading the team. While each and every individual on the team is ultimately responsible for their personal commitment to ensuring they show up to work each and every day with a positive, customer focused “I am here for you” attitude, it’s the leader’s responsibility to create the climate that makes that attitude much easier to achieve. 485 more words

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