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4 Good Reasons To Laugh At Work

I chatted with a good friend last night.  I hadn’t talked to her for a couple of months, but we had stayed in touch by email.   713 more words

Personal Growth

All We Had to Do Was Ask

The ground is shifting beneath us, the earth trembling under our feet. That thundering charge you feel is a new way of thinking. A change in perception, a shift in vision. 907 more words

Big Idea 4

Leading from the middle. What to do if your personal leadership brand does not fit your company.

All these smart theories won’t help me!!! This was stunning comment from one student in my leadership class today. We had spent the morning looking at servant, authentic, organic  and transformational leadership. 354 more words

Leadership Basics

Authentic Self leads to authentic leadership

A few weeks ago I looked at Authentic leadership.  However, our discussions regards what it means to be an authentic leader are perhaps premature. To be an authentic leader you must first discover your authentic self. 498 more words

Authentic Leadership

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Miracles happen all the time. We do not always sense them, or realize how full our world, and the universe, is with miracles. Very often we think about a miracle as something huge happening, a drastic shift or change in things, like a sudden struck of lightning in our environment, transforming our existence in a second. 510 more words

Change Management

The Evolution of My Aspirations

Leaders can’t be defined by a standardized, one-size-fits-all list of traits. This is the premise of True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership. Instead, authors Bill George and Peter Sims found that authentic leaders consistently define themselves in terms of their unique personal stories. 865 more words


Reflecting on Rewards: Ego or Essential?

I love photography. I love finding the right photos to augment a story almost as much as I love writing them. From a photographer’s perspective reflections are such a “can’t miss” place to point a lens. 993 more words