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Clockwork Managers

Worldwide, 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work

What is the problem with clockwork toys?

Well, clockwork toys are usually cheap and amusing , they perform limited functions repetitively, they wind down quite quickly and need therefore need constant winding up before they repeat exactly what they did before. 196 more words

Authentic balance

I have to admit that the concept of work-home life balance hasn’t happened lately. In fact for quite some time it hasn’t. The demands of work seemed to have just keep on going and as I write this at 10.30pm it’s probably the equivalent to 7.30pm for others. 199 more words

Authentic Leadership

My Personality and My Authentic Leadership

A leader’s personality is his road map to authentic and effective leadership. Our personality traits and values are highly correlated to decisions we make as leaders. 434 more words

The Vulnerable Captain ..... An Oxymoron for Some......A Sign of Strength for Others

Vulnerability, to many, implies weakness. It implies a flaw in ones character and an inadequacy in ones abilities. In today’s world many seem to think that being vulnerable is being weak and a pushover……..This is far from the case. 874 more words


Accountability just doesn't work!

I read an interesting article by a fellow blogger this week on accountability. He said:
“Holding people accountable is fine and well, but it should only be used as a last resort. 509 more words

Executive Leadership

Leadership Assumptions Can Hurt

Leadership Assumptions Can Hurt
Do your assumptions hurt your leadership effectiveness?  Many times leaders make certain assumptions and sometimes these very assumptions negatively impact the organization and the people within it.  439 more words

Authentic Leadership