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Birthing Our Authentic Selves

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.
Friedrich Nietzsche


What do we give up to bring forth something new, to birth an Authentic Self, a Soul or God-spark, into our lives? 837 more words

Musings And Other Shorts

What is Embodiment # 41: Asteroids in Space

Like asteroid belts in space, the noise of the mind makes it hard to find the signal of the authentic self.

This noise is in you, but can also be generated by others. 78 more words

Living your life on purpose

Expanding love is the purpose of the soul. How the soul goes about doing that colours the life purpose of its manifestations in form – us. 498 more words


It's okay to say never...and walk away

Non-empowerment Tip: Never say never, you may end up eating your words over and over again.

I’m not sure who coined this phrase but they are pretty genius. 416 more words

Love & Accept YOU

How do you love and accept yourself and overcome other people’s negative opinions of you?

  1. Be Aware- You must first recognize that there are thoughts you have about yourself that take away from your power.
  2. 291 more words
Evanye Lawson

Fragments on Work-Life Balance

What does it mean to have work-life balance? It seems clear that the term represents an ideal state. I often say that when my life is really ‘clicking’ for me, I feel like I’m riding a wave. 299 more words