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Reverse engineering a counterfeit (?) 7805 voltage regulator

This article illustrates how difficult it can be for someone other than the original component manufacturer to authenticate parts. …

Reverse engineering a counterfeit 7805 voltage regulator… 89 more words


Laravel 5 Authentication, Filter - Request - Controller

This is the fourth part of my Authentication tutorial. The glue!! Where everything start working :)

In laravel 5 have a file generator command for Authentication : 737 more words


OpenDJ Attribute Uniqueness (and the Effects on OpenAM)

In real life we tend to value those traits that make us unique from others; but in an identity management deployment uniqueness is essential to the authentication process and should not be taken for granted. 683 more words

Directory Server

AU10TIX: Large eCommerce Merchants Hit By Identity Theft 64% More Than All Merchants, Drawing Attention To The Importance of Online ID Document Authentication Technology

Recently published 2014 LexisNexis “True Cost of Fraud” Study reveals that Identity Theft is a close second to Friendly Fraud, accounting for 23% of overall annual losses of large eCommerce merchants to fraud. 848 more words

AU10TIX: Unifying Onboarding & KYC Can Speed Up Customer Acquisition In Banking and Financial Services By As Much As 70%

IDC publication draws attention to the fact that increasing KYC regulations will drive banks and financial institutions to invest $79.2BN in compliance and onboarding IT in 2015. 1,010 more words

Azure Active Directory - Microsoft's Big Bet on Azure

Active Directory (AD) has been a critical factor of the success of Windows Server since it was first released in December 2000.  Back then, it was Exchange Server (and it’s requirement on AD) that drove sales of Windows Server.   216 more words

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Web Authentication

This is the thing I was thinking about to work since one year ago.  I was using Social Site Authentication Methods from the beginning, but it is the next thing on which I am really excited to work upon. 180 more words