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Authentication Methods in SharePoint 2013


In this series I’m going to talk about the authentication methods and authentication types in SharePoint 2013 , also I will talk about authentication process of each type as well. 511 more words


BBC News: Has the humble password had its day?

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Has the humble password had its day?

User-generated passwords are easily forgotten, guessed and stolen, so what alternative technologies can we use to establish our identities? 9 more words


Chapter 8 - Sign in, sign out

Chapter 8 adds functionality for registered users to sign in and out by adding authentication machinery using sessions and cookies. I’m going to list the commands run and files here as a reference, because it includes a good span of files and it will be handy to have an abridged reference for setting up a new feature like this. 546 more words


Keytool Update: Whitelisting is here - Find out what it means to you

Authentication is one of the first tasks a developer needs to understand when using the Valence development platform. The workflow looks something like this:

  1. Register an app with Keytool to receive an active App ID\Key pair.
  2. 787 more words

Locks, keys, and passwords have all seen their heyday

When I first started paying attention to smartphone-based locks, I was worried about them being hacked and their batteries going dead. Still am. I initially thought that we would still be defaulting to physical locks and keys for some time to come. 138 more words

biometric authentication & you

The problem of authentication, of verifying one’s identity, is becoming increasingly complex. How do I prove that I really am me to thus gain access to the benefits of being me? 779 more words


But that's MY company - PROOF it!

It’s all too easy to hijack a company or LLP. If you want to minimise the risk of a fraudster targeting and damaging your business, you need to PROOF it! 566 more words