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Chromebooks Could Soon Be Unlocked Automatically When Your Smartphone Is Near

Passwords, geez those things suck. You may not need them to login to your computer in the future, and Chromebooks might be the first PC device to offer that feature natively, according to some hints found in the developer preview channel of Chrome OS by… 240 more words


Reflections on the Heartbleed vulnerability

Some of my assorted updates from other social networks regards the Heartbleed vulnerability, and other musings.

First and foremost, don’t buy the paranoia about the Heartbleed bug and changing passwords as being the extent of the problem. 208 more words

Fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 has already been hacked

That didn’t take long.

It’s always amazing when security technologies are built insecurely. I’m sure Samsung will fix it, though. Too much investment already sunk. They’ll do well to get that out of the way before the… 7 more words

Biometric Authentication is Finally a Reality

The beauty of technology lies in its dynamic nature. It is an ever-changing, always-evolving industry that never fails to fascinate humankind and capture imaginations worldwide. It is an industry that challenges the status-quo, improving life on both macro and micro scales. 393 more words

Making Things ‘Symple’ on BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7

The following guest blog post comes to us from Richard Fox-Ivey at SympleID. I met Richard recently and he gave me excellent BlackBerry demonstration of SympleID, an NFC-powered solution for easy online authentication. 507 more words

BlackBerry 10

SERIOUS Security Vulnerability: Heartbleed

My last post (see “Serious Security, Serious Implementation”) proposed a personal security token (PST) and new internet security protocol to provide an exceptional degree of security.  1,696 more words


Wordpress Privacy Invasion

I take invasion of privacy very seriously indeed, and use all available measures to prevent it happening to me.

Sometimes this means sacrifice on my part, for if I refuse to impart a piece of personal information to some request from an Internet entity, I may well be excluded from certain functions. 316 more words