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October 25th

God has granted humans with the awesome power to experience various emotions. None of them are bad. None of them are good. They are simply emotions that will certainly pass. 254 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Truth with a Capital T

“When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you are near the truth.”  Rumi

A few years back my world turned upside down (you can read more about that… 1,327 more words


Why Your Knowledge Doesn’t Matter…and What REALLY Matters

People pitch me all the time, and it’s awful.

As the President of First Option, I am approached as many as 50 times a week (no exaggeration) with someone that has something they want to show (i.e. 336 more words


Are you Strong?

Are you strong? Do you train your body? Train your mind? Explore your inner world? Let me ask again – are you strong? What does it mean to be strong? 681 more words

Let Your Flag Fly High! (or, Much Ado About Everything)

  Recently, a family friend, a Christian, came out. As a fellow Christian, I could have seen this as a complicated sequences of events that were mine to judge or to make commentary on; to closely examine and then to discard.  745 more words

It's Good to Be a Little Naive (Sugar Sober Series)

When my son was born via unplanned C-section, I didn’t have the luxury of advanced planning to know what to expect from the surgery recovery. The nurses told me if I felt up to it that I should walk the halls of the maternity ward while pushing the bassinet. 374 more words