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Be yourself no matter what they say

When you are young, it seems that you have a combination of shyness and a thirst for motivation that makes you look for it in everywhere you can find it.  376 more words


Breaking through my fear

Originally published March 5, 2010:

For years I have denied who I really am in order to fit in with the expectations of others. I have… 487 more words


Talent Management Gone Wrong: The Last Chapter and a Profound Lesson from the Young Man

In May, I posted a story of a young man who had been identified by a Fortune 100 firm as a high potential and placed into a leadership development program to prepare for the possibility of promotion into the executive ranks. 887 more words

Leadership Development


Sometimes other people find the words that I cannot find inside of me and when that happens it’s magic. The Universe directed me towards this inspiring track by Jessie J. 402 more words


Deal 125: Badly timed

“I know why you’re here.”

I startled. I expected the old man to be sound asleep, and finding him awake wasn’t going to make my job any easier. 337 more words

Daily Tale


Hi! Reporting from the New York Public library with my shiny new laptop! ^-^ I was deciding between a Mac and an Asus but decided to invest in the shinier/prettier/$$$ option so it took me a couple of months to buy this baby. 202 more words

Thriving through authenticity, enthusiasm and ethics

You are a good nonprofit organizations making a real impact in the world.  Let’s assume that much.  On paper there does not seem to be a reason why your organization should not be successful and garner the philanthropy it deserves.   264 more words