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#63: Let learning run free

As the dawn of a new school year approaches, I hereby pass on a few personal and professional reflections on the topic of #learning. These are no doubt inspired by educational leaders from my own schooling, watching and working with other amazing educators, the media (I am so grateful for… 1,097 more words

Helping People

Travel. Goals. Personal growth and ramblings.

As I sit here, on the front porch of a hostel on the northern beaches of San Diego and reflect on the past year and a half and all the changes that have been made to be here in the very place, right now, on my own and soaking in the USA summer I can’t help but feel incredibly amazed at how life can… 808 more words

#TheHelpDesk: Connection Issues

Connection – What does it mean? Since we live in a society with a myriad of Social Networking sites and platforms, and can access a world of information by typing keywords or phrases into search engines such as Google, one would believe that we have a pretty good grasp of Connecting with one another. 3,542 more words


make heART...

Both Laura and I are participating in Patti Digh’s Project 137, again this year. I started last year and about a month into the 137 days-long project, promptly broke my “write” hand; that sort of put a damper on a lot of my written activities for about two months as I was in a cast and a brace. 234 more words


On Ferguson and Taking the Red Pill

I was out of town for the weekend when Michael Brown was shot and protests started up in Ferguson, very close to where I attended graduate school to study counseling. 1,487 more words


High Five Misfits

Here’s to all the misfits. Individuals refusing to be molded into what others have defined as average, acceptable, appropriate. By the way you weren’t created to be average. 319 more words


Employee calls aren't a deposition

I once worked with a C suite executive who wanted to schedule ‘Ask me anything’ sessions with his employees. Sounds good doesn’t it? The idea indicated openness, willingness to be transparent, the opportunity to really hear what was on the minds of his employees, and in return, offer up his honest opinion.   528 more words

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