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30 Days of “A Year of Living Your Yoga” — Day 19: Emotions Swing, So Enjoy the Ride

Welcome to Day 18 of my blog series based on Judith Hansen-Lasater’s “A Year of Living Your Yoga.”

I will try to keep these posts to less than 500 words once we start the quote. 700 more words


Do you dare to go bare?

Dare to go bare – The day I decided to stop wearing make-up

A glorious day. One of those decisions that has given me so much freedom and pleasure, I can’t help but share! 1,790 more words


Friends. High School. Life. Bah.

My cup runneth over this week as I’ve had the IMMENSE pleasure of catching up with old childhood friends who are in town visiting. Unlike myself, they have chosen the saner option and have stayed away, basking in their urban metropolis and foreign eastern country, respectively, and resisted the pull of Sterling (Although phase one of my “friends move home plan” has been set in motion. 905 more words

Scott - Part 2 A LETTER FOR LATER (1991)


Tomorrow afternoon you and I will be going to your kindergarten orientation. You’re going to Elms Elementary School. Mrs. Huffman, your teacher is very kind. 509 more words


Average Creator.

I have been following Don Miller’s Storyline Blog for quite some time now. Every once and a while a post catches my attention and prompts within me a whirlwind of chaotic contemplation and inner-dialogue. 1,466 more words

Uncomfortable in My Own Skin

I’m gonna be a little more personal then usual in this post.  Don’t worry, nothing freaky.  Just a little more to maybe help you see that you’re “not the only one”, and that phases of life come and go and we all survive them somehow. 452 more words