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A Better Life for Yourself is Tangible and Within Your Reach

I went into my first foster home when I was fifteen-years-old. Back then I knew a better life for myself was tangible and within my reach, I just had to want it and reach out and grab it.

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Being An Author Does Not Make Me Unique

…and Other 3:00 A.M. Preponderances.

It’s late and I’ve not yet mustered enough energy to wiggle my way beneath the covers where I get to enjoy Night #2 of Belgium linen sheets from Restoration Hardware. 983 more words

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Summer posts: Hands in Visigothic script manuscripts. Symbolism and dialogue #medieval_illumination @storify

Today’s post is very special to me: it is about the hands, as shown in medieval illumination programs of codices in Visigothic script. Why? Because there is plenty to say about their meaning. 876 more words

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Switching Genres: Surprise, It’s A Novel! by Elizabeth O. Dulemba

This spring I celebrated the release of my debut historical fiction mid-grade, A BIRD ON WATER STREET. Many of my writer/illustrator friends were surprised. “You write novels too?” To the outside world, it appeared that I had suddenly switched genres, but to me, it seemed like a natural progression. 937 more words

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Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore and the Schoolhouse Visit in La Dalia, Nicaragua

Check out our video to learn more about Team Finding Corte Magore’s first visit to the agricultural area of La Dalia, Nicaragua. When we arrived at the schoolhouse on a reputable coffee plantation, we began to understand the educational needs of the children who live there.  153 more words

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Sometimes, I think a whole book is a love letter to one particular character. That’s how it was for me a couple of years ago when I began writing… 1,084 more words

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