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John Connolly

Really looking forward to our event with John Connolly on Wednesday April 16th 7.30pm (this week) at The Royal Masonic School. Full details on the Events pages. 11 more words

Author Talks

Norton Juster at the BPL

Tollbooth fans, thank Colonel Lemuel Q Snoopnagle and Juster senior for Norton Juster’s particular brand of humor. Snoopnagle, on his radio program, specialized in spoonerisms (a play on words where two opening syllables are switched) while Juster senior, an architect, would greet his oblivious young son with puns every morning. 483 more words

MG Books (ages 8-12)

Author book talk on Street Farm at Housman's Bookshop, London

I will be introducing my new book in a talk entitled:

‘Eco-Anarchism in the 1970s: London’s Street Farm collective’

at 7pm on Wednesday, 14th May 2014. 39 more words

Street Farm

Special People.............Jodene Shaer

It Takes a special kind of person to make a success of themselves yet remain humble and not look down their noses at other people. By a success, I don’t necessarily mean make huge pots of money because in my own very humble opinion being loaded doesn’t always make you a success as a person, it just makes you wealthy in cash terms. 419 more words

What's Happening ...

Jacqueline Wilson in Chorleywood

When children’s author Jacqueline Wilson came to Chorleywood as part of the second Chorleywood Children’s Literary Festival she was greeted with a rapture usually reserved for pop stars! 27 more words

Author Talks

Author Talks: Patrick Rothfuss, Guinea Pigs are Fish

Author Talks is all about focusing on the authors and their work. Every second Saturday I’ll share a clip of an author interview, vlogs, chats, and anything else focusing on a particular author and what they want to share. 35 more words