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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Dies at 87

Tim Green Syracuse’s new post:

One of the most popular and widely accredited authors has passed away.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a Nobel laureate and was considered to be the most popular writer of the Spanish-language as he brought millions of readers joy and an explanation of Latin America’s inequality, superstitions and their passions as reported by… 272 more words

Tim Green Syracuse


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Gabriel Garcia Marquez,The
Doyen Of Latin American… 311 more words

Literary Lunch with Pat Conroy & Bernie Schein

For a number of years, I’ve had the great pleasure of regularly lunching with Pat Conroy & Bernie Schein, two of my favorite writers and favorite humans. 73 more words

As previously stated, my 2014 giving goal is 1,000 copies of my first two books, Catholics Mean Business and Catholics Have Courage.  During Q1 I gave away 190.

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Contest progress (five free books available)

The contest has only been open for one day. I’m a new author on Goodreads (I know it will be a struggle to gain interest). But I already have 188 … 189 … 190 … people who want the book, and many have added it to their “to-read” shelf. 38 more words


New Author

For the past three years I have been diligently scanning my brain for details of my son’s life. The results of all the “brain-drain”, looking through many boxes of papers, documents and pictures will come to fruition in May when my book will begin production with Tate Publishing Company. 290 more words

My Momma's Heartfelt Review

I wanted to post my Momma’s review of my book here on my facebook at her request because she wrote one from the bottom of her heart. 361 more words