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Birthing Cora -or- Welcoming a New Penname into the Fold

After a very fruitful week of writing on The Hushing Days (averaged just over 700 words a day), I am hoping to redirect a few of my professional labors this afternoon into my new gardening blog. 231 more words



This is me right now:

Or, actually, I might be more like this:

Or perhaps this:

Really, all of those gifs sum up how I’m feeling right now. 56 more words


It's a Mystery..?

So… you see this link? This one right here. I think you should click it. Wanna know what it is? I’m not gonna tell you, just click it. 30 more words


Author Interview: BJ Burton

Hello, BJ!
Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.

Before we get started, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?
Husband, father, grandfather – that’s the important stuff. 629 more words


Getting to know: BJ Burton

So, now that the serious interview is out of the way, BJ, let’s get to know the real you!

What were you like in school? 506 more words


Foreshadowing: Do you know what's coming?

One of my number one pet peeves is people who don’t indicate. Are they trying to kill me? They change lanes by swerving in front of me without warning; they stop in the middle of the road for no reason and then suddenly turn onto a side road without warning; they merge towards me without warning. 1,481 more words


Stream of Consciousness Saturday - Prompt Scene/Seen

This week’s prompt on Stream of Consciousness Saturday is Scene/Seen. If you would like to see the rules or maybe participate as well go here: 248 more words

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