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This is the weekly feature where I take time to answer any questions asked of me, about writing or anything else that comes to mind. There were no questions this week, but if you have one, feel free to ask me. 53 more words

Novel Planning 1: Mapping it out.

So far, my writing has consisted of a series of Novellas and one Short Story. I’ve really had fun developing the world of the Empire through these stories, but I’ve now moved into a more serious phase of planning for my first major work – a novel centred around the Empire and the central events of its history. 197 more words


Recycled haiku

A recycled haiku.

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PwrPuffGzr Writes

Why am I awake?

I am sitting on my couch with a warm cup of tea to my left and a cat taking up most of my lap. The cat, Casper, is making it very difficult to type; but in typical cat fashion he is ignoring my problems and attempting to shove his head under the keyboard to keep the light out of his eyes. 194 more words


Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?

In recent discussions I have been told that atheism is a potential retardation of our species on the grounds that it blocks other perspectives. There are obvious misunderstandings of what atheism is there, but that’s not the issue. 2,257 more words


Maybe I know something you don't know?

I have been studying a lot to become a ‘quality’ writer, not at Uni or from taking courses, but through books and online info, podcasts and writings that cover all sorts of topics from developing characters to formatting e-books and building a platform. 267 more words