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The first John Doe

In the 1300s, a chief justice in the British courts used John Doe and Richard Roe to refer to the plaintiff and defendant, respectively, in a hypothetic ruling about land possession. 8 more words


My 'Poem Attempts' Farewell

So of course yesterday, my Poem Attempt 4 signalled the ending to my blog’s ‘Poem Attempts’.

If you missed it you’re probably thinking ‘What the hell are you on about?’ 202 more words

T. J. Blake

Life's struggles, triumphs, courage, and victory

Life Through the Mirror: Experience takes you through the mind of the author in relation to life’s many troubles and through the mirror of life, telling a story of struggles, triumphs, courage, and victory in the storms of life. 155 more words

Ubu Roi - Alfred Jarry and Jean-Christophe Averty (1965)

Scatalogical ,Surreal , Politic watch and make your mind up


Unexpectedly Yours Now Available!!!

Oh, hey. Would you look at that?! I released a book today! Unexpectedly Yours is now available for download!

Deacon, Chris and Jim are the owners of Los Angeles’s hottest boutique PR agency. 66 more words


All Good Things Come to an End

I am currently in the process of writing the final scenes of the present draft of my WIP. Obviously there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of editing, formatting, publishing and so on but it’s a very exciting time nonetheless. 190 more words


The Adaptation Station

Glad you came to us about your book being turned into a movie.  Here at the ‘Adaptation Station’, we pride ourselves on showing some respect to the source material.  626 more words