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Writing through the pain

This is going to be one of those old school type blog posts. You know the sort, the ones that started out on diaryland or livejournal and all about this random stream of consciousness thing, rather than taking the ‘how can I add value’ to my readers approach. 318 more words


Flash Fiction Challenge – Prompt 43 - #FFC52

Flash Fiction Challenge!

Week 42 submissions are in! Check them out!

Submit your week 43 flash fiction by October 28, 2014! Post a link to your submission in the comments section of the corresponding weekly prompt. 57 more words

Flash Fiction

Why I decided to write a book...


          So many times I am questioned by others on why I decided to write a book. More specifically why did I write a book of this nature? 607 more words


Q & A with author M. O. McLeod.

 M. O. McLeod is the author of the YA Fantasy novel, Blue K Dynasty: The 1st Seven Days ( 881 more words


New Cover for "Scattered Thoughts: A Stream of Consciousness"!

Written by: Felicia Guy-Lynch

Illustrated by: Bradley Lindsay

Designed by: Seanre Bennett

Paperback and eBook Coming Soon!


Tarmac bed.

Motionless, still,
She lies on the ground.
Everything around her slowly pulling to a halt.
A blurred slow stop.
Cold she does not move.
Her body riddled with pain, 33 more words


Year 2: Day 14 - Business As Usual

Like there isn’t a jar of cookies on my desk,
like there isn’t a door that opens
out to the playground

Like there aren’t a thousand books in here, 75 more words