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The Punchline is I Got Published

I’m excited to announce my story, “Punchline Number Nine” will appear in the February edition of decomP magazinE. I’ll also be recording an audio version of the story for them this week as well. 128 more words

Thank You Coffee #4

Thank you coffee, for always being willing to coming along.


Thank You Coffee #3

Thank you coffee, for getting along so well with all my other friends.


I Feel Sorry for My Friends....

I really feel sorry for my friends, family and social media contacts. It takes a special, patient type of person to put up with a writer. 342 more words

Can Obama Make the Internet More Secure?

How Should The Government Get Involved?

Compliance & Security Are Not The Same Thing

This week I’ll be speaking to CISOs in Raleigh, NC on this topic (Thanks for The Teneo Group and Check Point for hosting this event.) Security is not a simple thing. 748 more words

David Stelzl

Here We Go Again!

As you know, I uploaded Memoirs of the Polygamist’s Daughter onto Amazon Kindle last month. It was a test to measure how the book would sell, and whether it needed the professional editing I suspected that it would need, but my husband didn’t think we needed to invest in.  383 more words


A look at what's coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s post will be a bit different and because of that, I want to explain a little bit of what you’ll be seeing.

Because this world is so vast and covers well over 50,000 years of history, these first posts will seem scattered at first. 70 more words