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Extreme Parenting

I read the best book last summer, The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine. She’s a practicing and experienced psychologist who works with a lot of affluent children and families. 786 more words


India - Amidst the Shadows from the Past

India praises herself to be the biggest democracy in the world. No doubt about that when we look on the estimated 1.25 billion citizens of India, and about her 800 million voters. 214 more words

That's It

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

That’s it.

I have had enough – I am disappointed with the general apathy of those I am trying to help, but I am not surprised. 48 more words

News From Utopia: William Morris and A.S. Neill

“You let your children run wild and didn’t teach them anything; and in short, you have so far refined your education that now you have none.” 1,199 more words


Where do you stand in politics? Take the test!

I’ve recently found this site called ”political compass” that shows you where you stand on the political spectrum.

You can take the test here: http://www.politicalcompass.org/index… 44 more words


Canada is unrecognizable, and the Conservatives aren't even through with it yet

The Canadian Conservative government never missed a chance to prove the seriousness of what Stephen Harper is largely reported to have said in 2006:  “You won’t recognize Canada once I’m through with it”. 720 more words


Harper 'radicalizes' his attack on civil liberties

by Barry Weisleder

The Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is using the October shootings in Ottawa, and the deadly assault that killed another soldier east of Montreal, to advance its authoritarian agenda. 517 more words