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Support for PTP is not a support for Freedom

Supporting PTP is supporting Thaksin, not supporting Freedom. Supporting PTP, Democrats, Junta, PAD or any oppressive group is not supporting Freedom.

Support those that truly seek Freedom in an Authoritarian nation – support Libertarians. 8 more words


Your Followers Know Your Leadership Style - Do You?

Be honest. What type(s) of leader are you?

As you go through the list, make a mental note that we are very good at fooling ourselves, and our opinions are biased in favor of protecting our self-image. 476 more words

Accelerated Coaching & Consulting


Today is Monday and I believe this topic is a sensitive one, especially now that social media is crawling with ‘self-acclaimed’ feminists. And no, I am not talking about ‘She-Wolves’ the history of a selection of England’s queens and queens consort over four centuries, as told by Helen Castor. 1,268 more words


Bugaboo Lurkin

A bugaboo lurks outside my doorway

Collectin crumbs

A bugaboo lurks outside my doorway

Lookin mighty thursty

A bugaboo lurks outside my doorway

Gossipin to imaginary friends… 46 more words


The Beginning

Out of spontaneous decision I have created this blog, where I will conveniently spew out all of my opinions that are at least somewhat relevant to the topic of this blog. 124 more words


One Among Many

I was born and lived in France until I was 20. My dad was a chemist by profession, who inherited his father’s business. They made dies for clothes (which were also used during the war to die prisoner’s clothes in camps to help them escape, I love that part!), dies for shoes, shoe polish etc… like Johnson & Johnson but on a small scale. 1,306 more words


The Political and Religious Lessons of Disney's Frozen

I going to start with a disclaimer that I really don’t like this movie.  In fact I think it is one of the worst Disney movies to come out in a long time.   1,397 more words