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Commanded to Love: With All Our Mind

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Mark 12:30 and Philippians 4:4-9

I am a cradle United Methodist. I have grown up in this church and love it deeply for its hands have been extensions of God’s hands in crafting me into the servant leader God calls me to be. 787 more words

Is It Possible for Christians to Idolize the Bible?

My comment: As I discuss scripture on social media, I am often accused of making the Bible an idol. Those who accuse me of this do not like it when I constantly appeal to scripture to make my case concerning the topic under discussion. 435 more words

Sola Scriptura

A form of sound words must be one that exalts God and puts down man

This morning I shall first attempt to tell you what I conceive to be a “form of sound words,” which we are to hold fast. In the second place, I shall endeavor to urge upon you the strong necessity of holding fast that form. 432 more words


The Word Makes the Church; 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Main Point: We are a Word dependent people.

You can listen to the sermon audio here 

There are certain necessary things which we must have in order to live: air, water, and pie. 1,217 more words

The Church

Upholding the Authority of Scripture

Claims are being made that the PC(USA) does not unequivocally uphold the authority of scripture.  But is this really true?  No.  So before we let this concerning accusation take us to the point of division we should attempt to understand what is actually going on with the PC(USA) related to authority of scripture. 633 more words

Authority Of Scripture

Building Walls

Some PC(USA) congregations are rushing to build a moat and walls around their theological belief system as fast as possible.  To hear them talk there is a fast approaching attack from within the denomination, reasons to be afraid, and they must protect themselves, their faith, and the Church.  465 more words

Authority Of Scripture

An Authority of Scripture Higher Than Our Walls

The PC(USA)’s view of the authority of scripture is being called into question by some in our denomination.  Their accusation is the PC(USA) gives higher authority to culture than to the written word of God, and as a result the denomination is moving in a direction against God’s will.   649 more words

Authority Of Scripture