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Cold War backstory energizes debut of relentless sleuth

The Second Letter, by Robert Lane. Mason Alley Publishing. 330 pages. Trade paperback $14.95.

This is hefty, solid, tough guy mystery writing. A character named Jake Travis is screaming for comparison with Hemingway’s world-weary Jake Barnes, Paul Levine’s Jake Lassiter, and of course, John D. 453 more words

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Pioneers: A Tale of Russian Jewish Life in the 1880s

Pioneers: A Tale of Russian Jewish Life in the 1880s, by S. A. An-sky; Michael R. Katz, trans. Indiana University Press. 154 pages. Hardcover $60, paperback $20.00. 239 more words

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Under the glitter lies greed, jealousy, revenge, and murder

Murder at the Breakers, by Alyssa Maxwell. Kensington Books. 304 pages. Trade paperback $15.00.

This first entry in a new historical mystery series takes us to the world of the Vanderbilts and other late nineteenth-century families of wealth who enjoyed as one of their special enclaves the delights of Newport, Rhode Island. 503 more words

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Colorful political and romantic thriller captures wartime Cairo

City of the Sun, by Juliana Maio. Greenleaf Book Group Press. 380 pages. Hardcover $24.95, trade paperback $15.95.

When Mickey Connolly, a young American journalist comes to the Middle East to report on the desert war, he is astonished to discover Libyans praising Hitler’s Third Reich and seeing their future as Nazi Germany’s allies. 691 more words

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Jamaican-born Lily strives to find her place in “roaring twenties” New York

Lily: Riding the Color Line, by Naomi Pringle. Book-broker Publishers. 307 pages. $20 trade paperback.

It is the middle of the Roaring Twenties when we pick up the story of the Buckley family first presented in Ms. 448 more words

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A semi-private war against terrorism continues in a fast-paced thriller

Unit 400: The Assassins, by T. L. Williams. First Coast Publishers. 298 pages. Trade paper $14.50.

Former Navy SEAL Logan Alexander’s semi-private war against Islamic terrorism continues in this high energy novel that grows smoothly out of its predecessor, “Cooper’s Revenge” (2012). 509 more words

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New White thriller uncovers Florida’s past and its coveted, buried riches

Bone Deep, by Randy Wayne White. Putnam. 384 pages. $26.95.

Readers are lucky that in the imaginary world in which Mr. White’s Doc Ford lives, trouble will seek Doc out. 452 more words

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