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Starting a Yaoi Review Blog

Hello Everyone. I’m Cass. I have a very unnerving hobby. I love to read BL. (Yaoi, Shounen AI, Bara.) I’m also an egotist, who thinks she knows everything about everything and thus must tell the world this. 209 more words


La sagesse de la jeunesse, c'est de savoir jouir de ses appas

Amongst certain types of families, there is a desire to encourage their children to read the best literature from a young age. If they do not read then they should be involved in some other way and come to know the best writing– meaning the writing that has been most durable – over time. 534 more words

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Happy 50 followers!!! :D

Thaankk yoouu for following my blog~~!!! <3 Truly, people love to journey together. Even if it’s only virtual, haha. Knowing that I am able to journey with you through writing makes me want to write more <3 :) God bless you all!!!

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Go with it

I spent a lot of time outlining the first book I ever wrote. I had every chapter mapped out, every plot twist planned, but when I began to write the novel the characters took over. 219 more words

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Camp Nano-ohholymotherofgodwhyamIdoingthisagain-wrimo

April this year in Chicagoland is full of terrible weather, hiding under the blankets from whatever the world is attempting to throw at you, and, of course, Camp nanowrimo, from the people that bring you National Novel Writing Month. 170 more words

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Happy 100 likes~~!! :)

Thank you to the people who read my blog~~!! It is my joy to share this journey with you. Here’s to more writings in the future! :D

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Another postponement

Sorry guys, busy couple of weeks – and I’m going to be away from the internet for the weekend, so I’m not going to be able to get a story up today. See you next week!

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