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Published Heated Invasion (f, ss, m/m)

The story Heated Invasion (Dark Phoenix 2) has been published. It is a 4200 word story featuring the same M/M pair from Phoenix Fire (Dark Phoenix 1). 203 more words


taking a breather...

I had to take a break¬†from my online activities these past few days because I had several things to take care of — things that got more complex as soon as I had taken one step and errands that took far longer than I had anticipated. 177 more words

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Published Phoenix Fire (f, ss, m/m)

Phoenix Fire has been published, a 2400 word fantasy short story featuring a M/M pair, one of whom is a dark phoenix.

This is the first of what originally was going to be a four-part series where each section was set in a different season. 78 more words


The speech filler that is taking over

Extensive linguistic research has revealed a new pattern of fillers, those little syllables that fill in the spaces while talking like polyps in the bowel or cholesterol in the arteries. 602 more words

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Author's Note- Be Back Soon!

Yep. I need to retreat and reconstruct my blogging schedule. So, I’m taking the week off. By next week Sunday, I’ll let you know the final, final layout of my blog.

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The Add-on Value of Journal Keeping

I remember trying my hand at keeping a journal during my first year in high school. Like most of my half-baked ideas, it started out on a high note. 410 more words

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