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Too experimental? Call a dentist

Since the Renaissance, and more so after the Enlightenment, the west has been proud of its ability to innovate, to break free of the shackles of the past. 980 more words

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For Starters

For a while this particular song has enticed me and somehow whenever I’d hear it, the few times I’d remember among so many other things to listen to, I’m left with this painful urge to write. 316 more words

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Getting Started

I’ve decided to start clearing all the moss that have grown under me, so I joined a few communities on Lift to help with the process. 18 more words

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Lessons learned: Always save (properly). Also, back up your game.

Currently in my game, I am playing Generation 1 and there are around Generation 2 kids already born. But, it was 11 PM and I had to drive to work early the next day, so as soon as I heard the saving music, I shut my laptop down. 67 more words

The Grimm Prettacy

Published Wounds of the Warrior - Part 2 (f, serial, m/f)

Wounds of the Warrior (Part 2 of 3) has been published. This is the second of three parts in a 15400 word story that features a M/F couple. 161 more words


The Final Stretch

“The dark clouds part. The light shines down from the sky and from behind your eyes. Something is happening to your brain. Something not entirely natural. 331 more words


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