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Give Thanks for Reading


Ever read a great book? Be thankful for the author who spent years writing it.

That book grabbed your interest and entertained you. It may have communicated valuable knowledge. 610 more words


Note To Self: Remember to mention the books you are in!

I forgot to mention, somehow, that one of my stories – the interestingly titled ‘Greta Garbo and the Chrysanthemum Man’ was selected for inclusion in the anthology of 2014’s International Bath Short Story Award. 54 more words


Journeybread Recipe, poem by Lawrence Schimel (Mythic Poetry Series)

Journeybread Recipe
by Lawrence Schimel

“Even in the electric kitchen there was
the smell of a journey.”
–Anne Sexton, “Little Red Riding Hood”

1. In a tupperware wood, mix child and hood. 340 more words


Like an old lovely pear, poem by Mathias Jansson (Homonyms and Homophones Poetry Series)

Like an old lovely pear
by Mathias Jansson

Homophones are not homophobes
They are words that like each either
They have a common sound sole… 211 more words


Book Review: Dirty Rocker Boys by Bobbie Brown

Dirty Rocker Boys – Bobbie Brown & Caroline Ryder, Gallery Books.

Following on from this post, you might have correctly guessed that my music genre of choice is rock and that I have more than a passing interest in the bands and musicians of that era. 830 more words


Maximum Shelf author interview: Jonas Karlsson

Following yesterday’s review of The Room, here’s Jonas Karlsson: On Acting in Writing.

Jonas Karlsson writes plays and short fiction. One of Sweden’s most prominent actors, Karlsson has performed on Sweden’s premier stage and in several acclaimed feature films and television series. 833 more words
Shelf Awareness

Which books do male and female readers prefer?

What do men and women want when it comes to books? Do they prefer books written by their own sex? What do they think of books written by the opposite sex? 317 more words