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What About Hachette's Responsibility?

Remember that Amazon/Disney dispute that was supposed to be yet another harbinger of the doom Amazon was looking to bring down upon all its suppliers? … 1,765 more words


Lofty Goal of the Month

It’s no secret that next month begins NaNoWriMo. But this month, I am having my own lofty goal: finish my novel. I am determined to have something publishable in the next year (with editing/revising, of course). 108 more words


The Dying Writer Leaned Forward and Rasped, "HIT PUBLISH!"

More and more, successful writers are putting a few manuscripts back as a legacy – financial and otherwise – for the ones they love. What is the writer’s request on his or her deathbed? 207 more words

"So, you're writing a book?"

My sudden interest in writing took everybody, including myself, by surprise. The news that I was fiddling with a story sent shock waves through my circle of friends and family. 1,102 more words


Raina and Kazu: video memories

The boys are still on a high after Monday’s author visit, so luckily the School’s communications department captured the visit on video! Enjoy!


Premade Book Cover: NJX1304


Now available in the premade “stock” cover gallery. Textual content is for example only and is edited for your book upon purchase, including font and text effects. 47 more words


Mythic Structure and Gravity

When a writer sits down at a blank document on the computer screen, they have a plot in mind. Characters, scenes, dialogue, conflict, everything a good story needs, are sure to follow. 1,602 more words

Mythic Structure