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Being Safe Around Water

Many children with autism and other developmental disabilities are powerfully drawn to water but do not understand the dangers. Parents and caregivers can help protect their children by assisting with the development of proper water safety skills. 250 more words


Autism: Equine Therapy

Horses are magnificent creatures. Horses are gorgeous, intelligent, and capable. Having the advantage of being around horses has done wonders for me. I’ve learned a lot about reading thoughts and feelings by watching their body language. 696 more words


Apple Pie Smoothie.

This is something I just made for my son who has autism. He suffers from severe communication problems and for the past few days has been saying apple pie numerous times. 91 more words


Becoming Bilingual

A sweet friend of mine cracked a joke last week that got me thinking.

She is from the South and lives in Southern California. When asked by a trilingual world traveler, she shared that she also speaks more than one language – English and “Southern”. 878 more words


Knowing When to Punish

When your child does something wrong, you punish them. Simple. Right? Not so simple when you’re raising a child with autism.

We are all guilty of letting our emotions get the best of us sometimes. 768 more words


Middle School - The Stuff Nobody Tells You About by Haley Moss

Title: Middle School – The Stuff Nobody Tells You About: A Teenage Girl with ASD Shares Her Experiences

Author: Haley Moss

Publisher: Autism Asperger Publishing Co… 267 more words


Are we ready for Sean?

David Watson presses the church to consider the implications of widening pre-natal genetic testing for Down syndrome.

[T]here’s a word for this kind of thing: eugenics.

292 more words