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The Greater Good - Watch it Free

With all the media hype out there regarding the #CDCwhistleblower (or rather, lack of media coverage), I found a link tonight to a great film about vaccines.  71 more words

Natural Healing

Trip To The Zoo

I am going to write about my experiences over the past weekend, most of them were very good, but there were also some things that made me remember that my family is different than most others. 2,266 more words

Peanuts Cause Anger


When a Doodle knows…a Doodle knows.

I knew it.  SHE was gonna be ANGRY.

DOG (I think I’m supposed to say this SHE says man, so I guess I’m supposed to say DOG) 687 more words

The one where CAMHS are useless...AGAIN

Around 6 months ago at our CAMHS appointment Ollies psychiatrist asked if Ollie wanted to try medication, for his anxiety and also to help with his tics, at first I wasn’t keen to medicate him and Ollie told his psychiatrist that he didnt want medication because he doesn’t need fixing. 447 more words

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Journey with K: 18 months to diagnosis #2

While K had a referral to hearing and speech evaluation, the relationship with the head teacher at the daycare went sour.  She was very irritated that K didn’t take a nap with everyone else.   524 more words


Its not perfect but its sleep .

Ive blogged before about bedtime with Ollie, its frankly exhausting, Ollie has been going to sleep far too late and by the time he does sleep there has always been tears, tantrums and lots of shouting (all him, i promise) which is a terrible way to end the day. 347 more words

Life And Stuff

Tricking Dr. Google

I was chatting with a wonderful mom over at My Yellow Brick Road the other day about our autistic boys. Facebook messaging with her is so amazing for me. 731 more words

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