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autistic child has an outburst

“this is true autism. and a lot of parents don’t want you to see that.”

i found this awesome video on the Autism Awareness FB page. 41 more words


Book Store Blues

DC has a favorite bookstore. I mean a very favorite bookstore! It is located in Salem, MA and everytime we visit there – which is quite often, that store must always be one of our first stops. 487 more words


How April!


Surreal, how April is autism and poetry month, how poetic really,

Surreal, too, I imagine, how it must be to be autistic, or poetic, maybe both. 184 more words

Getting dirty.

The boys have always enjoyed being outside.      In fact I would say that while both of them love their computers and video games, there is nothing they enjoy more than messing about in the great outdoors.      727 more words


Dear A,

You turned 10 today. How the heck did that happen, buddy?  I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that we’ve shared 3,650 days with one another.  430 more words


Diagnosis 2.0

Ruled out: oppositional defiant disorder, hearing impairment, conduct disorder, vitamin deficiencies, FASD, intellectual disability, specific learning disability, dyslexia, hypothyroidism

Misdiagnosis, or old diagnoses that could have been right but were not… 503 more words

Little Man

Houston Moms' Nonprofit Promotes Autism Awareness Among Immigrants

(HOUSTON) –  The Centers for Disease Control says about 1 in 68 American children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder, but experts suspect countless others are left undiagnosed because awareness of autism spectrum disorders and access to resources is lower in minority and immigrant communities. 255 more words