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What I (Finally) Did For Autism Acceptance Month

What I did this month actually was pretty cool. I talked to a lot of the people who saw my life explode in March, because it did, kinda spectacularly and it is still argh.  514 more words

On Blue Light Bulbs

I’ll never forget that moment.

We entered a major home improvement store as we always seemed to be doing as homeowners. It was early spring and the Autism Awareness campaigns were in full swing. 349 more words


April Autism Acceptance series #3: “Age Appropriate” play and toys

This is the third post in the April Autism Acceptance Series.

One of the things I see most often when I poke around in autism parent forums, is the concern that their child isn’t playing with “age appropriate” toys or doesn’t have “age appropriate” interests. 620 more words


Autism Acceptance Month

I could put this on a personal blog, but I don’t have one yet. And the whole point of this blog is disability and faith.  So, it belongs here too, anyway. 428 more words

April Autism Acceptance Series, April 1: The Watch

This is the first post in my April Autism Acceptance series. In this series, I am going to highlight various people and events from my daily life that epitomize what “autism acceptance” looks like for me. 448 more words


and it's April again

Because I don’t have the level of fight in me right now necessary to compose an entirely new post on a subject I’ve already addressed, and because why waste words when I’ve already spent them, I’m going to simply link to… 180 more words