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The Future's So Bright... I need a flashlight.

And a map… and a compass…

I’ve been staring at this empty screen since last night. Having a million things to say and nothing to say, all at once.  278 more words

Autism Wars


WE did it! The Autism in Long Beach x Dubtree photo has been voted the WINNER of Congresswoman Janice Hahn‘s Yearly Facebook Photo Contest! 86 more words


When you’re faced with a diagnosis of autism it can become all consuming. As soon as I realised Vinny had autism I felt the need to read and inform myself as much as possible so I could understand what was happening with my baby. 957 more words


Early morning Maytag.

Another laundry room…and a happy Jasan. We enjoyed an evening with a friend and spent the night there. As the sunshine entered the room in the morning, my little dude woke with one thing on his mind. 31 more words

Featured Advocate: Brandi from Alexzander The Great 8/10

Brandi:  I am an advocate because my child  has severe autism. I advocate for him  and for other children like him.

Alexzander The Great

I am going to use this page to blog about the trials and tribulations of raising a child with severe autism and mental retardation. 363 more words

Nineteen Words

“Come here Justin” I say quietly, and as always my towel-clad boy obeys, happily sliding into my lap for his post-bath cuddle.  We have a routine for our bed-time ritual that we adhere to religiously, and I can tell my son enjoys the familiarity, smiling at each step in our path to bed. 364 more words


Use Literal Language

TIP: “Hold Your Horses” – Use Literal Language

When communicating and giving instructions to your child with Autism it is important to remember they tend to comprehend verbal messages literally. 150 more words