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"Autism Balm"

Dr. V. Ruth Pinney has been researching and working with autistic individuals’ brain chemoreception pathways with a view to changing the reactions to the specific sensory perceptions. 200 more words


Vaccines and Autism

Senior CDC researcher Dr. William Thompson has just released a press release/statement regarding the possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Apparently, the vaccine research he has been involved in at the CDC since 1998 hasn’t been accurately reported.   16 more words


Road to Recovery

For anyone who has not yet heard of Ethan Fox, he hit the news and Internet about three years ago with his mother, who explained how changing her son’s diet to gluten- and casein-free recovered him from his autistic spectrum disorder. 119 more words


Everyday Hero

This story and video out of New York are a few years old, but I never, ever get tired of watching. Heroes with autism are everywhere, if we only keep our eyes open. I’m inspired.


Autism CARES Act

Last Friday, President Obama signed into law funding for autism research, intervention, and help for young adults with autism. It’s called the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act, or… 55 more words


My thoughts on the death of Jarrod Tutko Jr

The death of Jarrod Tutko was a tragic and sad event to happen. This is a horrible thing to have happen to this family. Both the father and mother were overwhelmed in the care of 6 children, of 5 who have/had various degrees of disabilities: 561 more words