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You Can't Hear My Silence

They told the world to hear our silence
Hear the silence of the mute autistic people
Who will never have a voice of any kind… 129 more words


To Be, The Autism ""World" & Doing Things For The Right Reasons

“If a minority culture doesn’t accept you as much as majority culture, think about following a path of non-conformity”

“The “Autism World” needs to change a lot I have had more lets downs in that world, (there are thankfully diamonds within the rough) than I have in “Mainstream Land” if a world is going to be more diverse then looking at all personal realities would certainly be a viable start.” 68 more words


Autism Should Not Have A Fashionable "Look"

Even in the “Autism World” there are (even if there shouldn’t be) fashions in morality, fashions in what Autism “should” look like and what it “ 80 more words


Climbing To The Top Is Not A Venture In The "Autism World"


The worrying thing for me is the politics of the “Autism World” I didn’t know there would be a hierarchy, sub-groups, militancy, nastiness and bullying. 359 more words


People Aren't Above Anybody Else In The "Autism World"

Why do I do what I do?

To help others it is as simple as that – there is no ego to be acknowledged (because I don’t have one I’m not consumed with… 136 more words


To Empower - Being Saved From A Life Of Self Ignorance

19th of July – What is Neurodiversity, Donna Williams Interview and Empathy Mythbuster 

Well Done Donna this is insightful as always – on a personal note Donna Williams has helped me (and thousands of others) on the Autism spectrum – helping me understand my Autism was the key, the components, how they inter-relate, how they’re different, how they clash, how they’re expressed this happened in late 2009/10 after seeing her in the late 2000’s in the UK Donna has helped, educated and guided myself (and countless others) in this awareness recently we conversed via email about trajectory (person developmental aspects of our Autism profiles), I would say that the “Fruit Salad” analogy she created is a good place to start, she looks at strategies, components, personhood, environment, mental health, learning style, info processing, gut and metabolic issues, learning difficulties, learning disability etc – I don’t think you can be MORE diverse. 44 more words