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The goal of independence

Last night, our son Connor received the keys to his apartment. To say that he does not want to move out is an understatement. We will phase this in very gradually, but he still doesn’t want to do it. 562 more words

Autism Spectrum

The Autistics inner monologue

I’m back on the topic of autism again. Yay! :) And to prove my autism card I’ve been doing what auties do best, shutting everyone out to think of something interesting. 942 more words

Schizophrenia, Autism, and Sensory Processing

“During the last while back I have noticed that noises all seem to be louder to me than they were before. It’s as if someone had turned up the volume.

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Two books on motivating struggling students

Lately you’ve probably been seeing commercials and little blurbs in social media where parents are celebrating, and kids are moping, because it’s back-to-school time. However, those of you with students who are underachieving at school know the new school year will probably bring: 1,131 more words


Hello! My name is Rich, and my Son has Autism!

That’s what it feels like most of the time telling someone you have a child who is on the Autism Spectrum. Sometimes it’s like admitting you have a problem, like being an alcoholic or drug user, who is trying to sober up or stay clean. 1,154 more words

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On normalization and social skills: my reaction to "The Kids Who Beat Autism"

I was a little surprised by reactions to a recent NYTimes article “The Kids Who Beat Autism”, such as Steven Kapp’s reaction (just an example, some other reactions were similar).  3,108 more words