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Day #74 - Resource #7

Check out http://www.autismweb.com – one of my many favorite websites.  Yes, I know it appears as if I have many ‘favorite’ websites…but they are(have) been helpful in our time navigating the perilous spectrum world. 73 more words

How we handle Asperger's Syndrome

BigGuy is not what most people imagine when they think of someone with Asperger’s.  They see my personable and extroverted kid who likes an audience and think I’m out of my mind because “THAT’S not Asperger’s”. 1,164 more words


Waiting to be acknowledged
Waiting to be validated
Waiting for the blind to see
Not minding if it’s belated
Waiting for a title to call myself… 47 more words


Invisible signs...

Like a poor man begging on the sidewalk for change
I sit with my cup and my sign
Invisible to the naked eye
God knows that I’ve got mine… 126 more words



I’ve got strings
That hold me down
That are firmly moored
Into the ground

Sews shut my mouth
So I can’t talk
Entangles my legs… 34 more words


Day #73 -Friday Funny...a MUST read....

Keep laughing…we just have to keep laughing.  I learned this fairly quickly.  We HAVE to keep laughing.  Laugh at the craziness of it all.  Laugh at how stinkin’ weird the spectrum business is…when you think you have it figured out and then WHAMMO you have no idea. 1,189 more words

The Gobsmacking Moment

So, as I’ve told you, I’ve struggled with my boy starting high school this year. Sometimes as mom starts stepping back and letting the boy step up, I feel like maybe I am not doing enough, not on top of it all, not in the “know”. 338 more words