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Day #143 - The Funny of the Naughty, Part 2 of 2

(Continued from Day #142 – The Funny of the Naughty, Part 1 of 2)

The final (and possibly worst) instance.

The house had been clear of any squirting instances for some time.   646 more words

Autism is kicking my ass

Let me tell you something about myself and my parenting style. I’m lazy. I don’t like schedules, not a fan of routines. I hate mornings. I don’t put away laundry. 502 more words


Day #141 - An Ode to the Farmer

A sort of response to yesterday’s post (Day #140 – A Different Type of Loss) about grandparents.  Tucker has a bond with my dad that goes beyond his middle name.   872 more words

An Aspie Life: Questions Raised by Temple Grandin's Example.

When I look at Temple Grandin’s life, I feel ashamed of how little I have accomplished.

Mostly all I’ve done is love someone and raise three children with a whole lot of cooking, washing, ironing and housecleaning in between.   287 more words

Autism Spectrum

Funny cat videos? Yes, please!

I’m going to come clean  here….I do often watch funny cat (and dog) videos. I follow a blog that posts photos and videos multiple times a day. 192 more words


Day #140 - A Different Type of Loss

So what can all of that sensory over/under stimulation cause? Many children (including my own) experience this sensory over/under load and can lead them further onto the spectrum.   783 more words