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Separate vacations

Tonight our family arrived back home after a week in Florida. We had never made the Disney/Universal Studios circuit before, and felt the kids were at the perfect age- old enough to remember it, young enough to still have fun. 597 more words

Autism Parenting

Day #51 - Goosfraba

Goosfraba may have originally been a word that the Inuit people used to calm their children, it became ‘immortalized’ when Jack Nicholson used it in Anger Management.   765 more words

The Gap

I’m writing this post from a dual perspective: as a parent and as a healthcare professional. It is inspired by a tweet from @AutismScenes that appeared in my Twitter feed several weeks ago, a tweet about “the gap” and the intense feelings that gap often evokes. 1,259 more words

Lessons Learned

Applying neurotypical logic to kids in the spectrum

So, I get this a lot.  Especially since I run in unschooling circles (and please keep in mind that “unschooling” is, at it’s heart, about following the child).   835 more words

Day #50 - Overcoming Fear to Trust

While I already wrote about Tucker’s struggle with his vestibular system (Day #18 – The Turtle and The Hare, Part I),  there will be much more writing in the coming months.   680 more words

She Isn't Narrow Minded, She Is Focused - the all-consuming interests of an Aspergirl

One of the earliest visible signs of Aspergers is the infiltration of so-called obsessive behaviour. Obsessions can range anywhere from counting things to a particular film or piece of music, from collecting things to even a person (sometimes even one we have not met). 757 more words


Halloween with the Autistic Child

Halloween is coming fast! Holidays are often confusing times for the autistic child. They want to participate like everyone else, but too much change in routine or clothing can create problems. 678 more words

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