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Thought and feelings

I was having a conversation today that illustrated how hurtful it can be to feel silenced or not valued. This is something I go on about a lot when I work with teachers or people training to be teachers but in this instance it was the people training the teachers who were doing the silencing. 810 more words


Day one hundred and forty nine.

A rose is a rose and even if you’ll call it a cabbage – a rose couldn’t care less. Being described as a cabbage doesn’t change its nature. 962 more words

The Public Bathroom

One of the trippy things about having a kid with autism is that, unless your kid happens to be displaying autistic symptoms right at that moment, s/he looks pretty normal. 539 more words


Things I've Been Thinking About

I am currently at 1mg of Haldol, down from 4mg.  My tics are getting worse and they annoy me sometimes, but sometimes I think that I just don’t want to go back on an anti-tic medication.   353 more words

Day one hundred and forty seven/eight.

I’m living my life as a character since I remember.

What does it mean? It’s hard to explain. I’ve never felt who am I. My self-image has been built from external sources. 713 more words

It's Official


My girls are autistic.

“High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome with generalised anxiety disorder, precociously advanced speech and low muscle tone. And significant IQ.”


Is it wrong that I’m proud? 14 more words

Autism Spectrum

Not a bed of roses

I am a very active person. In fact I am an extremely active person always busy with something.In April my young son was diagnosed with Asperger´s .I asked ¨What is Asperger´s. 1,173 more words