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End of the year summary

This will be my last blog for the year. I may start again after the first week of January. For those interested I would like summarize the results of our efforts. 392 more words

Manuel Casanova

SIck Kid Perks

When children have experienced a life threatening event there’s a tendency for those who care about them to become overly lenient in their expectations, and to indulge them more than they normally would. 746 more words

Lessons Learned

Not so "literally speaking"

We all know that DC is very literal (see Literally Speaking)  in his speech and way of thinking. Aside from his black and white,  no-gray-area way of communicating and understanding and his just one mumbled word responses, his manner of speaking is at times very formal, for lack of a better word. 657 more words


Day #102 - Be the Host/ess with the MOSTESS!!

Are you hosting an event and there may be a child on the spectrum attending?  Do you want to be ‘human’ and make it a good experience for all? 846 more words

Why I Am Like This...

Let’s face it, no one really has The One True Answer to that question. In my case, there are a few things being tossed into the pot o’ reasons by various medical personnel lately. 240 more words

Weirdos Like Me by Donna Williams

review by stimmyabby

Donna Williams’s poems have a ticklish texture and a deep soul. They melt in your mouth and drip all over the walls. I cannot tell the poems from the songs. 147 more words

Actually Autistic

Criminal justice.

Reginald Latson is in solitary confinement for the crime of being being Black with autism.

If Reginald Latson was a white kid and did not have autism, would he be sitting in solitary confinement in a Virginia prison facing years behind bars? 346 more words