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I am LONGLISTED this year again and am very pleased.

Last year i even got shortlisted!

for just helping people understand my aspergers

you don’t even have to vote or anything – there is a team who do that so you don’t have to do anything! 283 more words

Fionn's Views

On the Spectrum

What do composer Wolfgang Mozart, actress Daryl Hannah, comedian Dan Aykroyd, director Tim Burton, artist Andy Warhol, and animal scientist Temple Grandin all have in common?  898 more words

Lois Rubin Gross

Praise Isn't Just a Tune, It's a Trial

Yesterday, I wrote about the understanding that our trial is to the truth, not to pain, not to suffering. Truth is the trial, and it is walking out in faith what God says about a matter. 1,025 more words


My Love

Today is my first baby brother’s birthday. So, this post is dedicated to my first baby brother. I remember when I found out I had a baby brother. 411 more words


The Water Battle - There Is Always Hope!

For years we have fought the water battle, bath times, the morning face wash and activities like swimming… Yea well to put it nicely they were a NIGHTMARE! 442 more words


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Heart For Autism 8/20

Anonymous writes:  Why am I an advocate?

1. I have Asperger’s

2. My son has Asperger’s

3. There needs to be so much more awareness, acceptance, and affirmation of those on the Autistic Spectrum. 51 more words

Tooth Fairy Horror Story

It would have been a cute and funny story. Even a milestone moment in Keri’s conversation skills ….

But then the horror of the situation revealed itself!!!

628 more words