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Autism Awareness

For those who know or not, April is autism awareness month. People attend seminar, lectures, or festivals, raise money for awareness, teach the meaning of autism, etc. 27 more words


Review: Dave Thomas 'Minotaur' EP - 'A warm vocal and sincere melodies that instantly connect with you'

Tracklisting: Mountains/Cars/Minotaur/Breaking Away/Hope

On first listen of Mountains, the opening track of the debut EP by Swansea-based singer-songwriter Dave Thomas, his warm vocal and sincere melodies manage to connect with you instantly in such a way as if he has access to a part of your subconscious. 558 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Sometimes you need a little help from your frien--er--Self! (Journal#018)

Dear Me,

I know you are in bed, listening to the footsteps up above, and all of the voices. They are milling around and it scares you, but it’s okay. 265 more words


I am thankful....

For my amazing family.

For my dear friends.

And for the 65 degree Colorado November days.

Have a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving no matter if you are a part of a ginormous crowd or you are spending time with a more intimate group.



Hi! Welcome to another week and another exciting and informative blogpost. I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you, for your encouragement and warm words. 462 more words


Autism at Christmas.

You know that feeling you get when your child is sick? When they are upset and feeling rotten and they just expect mummy or daddy to make it better because that’s our jobs? 424 more words

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way...

One day out of a whole year to say you’re thankful is not enough. ¬†Granted, it gives us a chance to look back and take stock of what life has given us over the course of the past twelve months, but -in the face of such pressure to remember while making sure the oven is set to the right temperature, things don’t boil over, the phone ringing with greetings from friends and family- it’s easy to let small bits of gratitude slip your mind… 705 more words