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unexcused absences

i hope you will all forgive my extended on-line absence. i have been struggling quite a bit with my mental health, and one of these days i will write you all a long post about having a nervous breakdown, but i have to gird myself to face that first. 124 more words

Full Communion

Last weekend (yes, I know I’m a week behind—cut me some slack, I’m a busy lady!), we were blessed enough to witness a sacred event. Andrew was finally able to receive his First Holy Communion. 602 more words

I'll take autism with that holiday please

It’s 5:24am and it’s Labor Day.

Washing machine going, dryer on.

It’s Monday, yup that’s a wash day….but it’s a holiday.

Scamper…scamper….pitter pat….pitter pat…buzz…buzz. “oops….that’s not right,” beep…beep…”oh no, that’s not right,” “I can try again,” beep….beep…. 622 more words


My run for the National Autistic Society (NAS) in the Great Yorkshire Run 2014.

That bloody hill at the end, always kills me but I suppose that hill represents life I’m many ways. You dread it at first, even fear it but you climb and after a while it gets easier. 252 more words

A true "back to school" story

This morning, I took a quick trip to my local office supply store to get a few “back to school” items for myself. With my teacher discount I only saved about $10, and I spent somewhere around $70.00. 483 more words


Dr. Corinne Allen – Autism & The Brain

When the fish are sick, do you give them a pill? Of course not! You change the water. 420 more words

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