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Yes, That's An Engine In The Hatch Of This Awesome French City Car

One of my favorite cars from the 84th Geneva Motor Show must be the new Twingo. It’s got a hidden engine in its boot which powers the rear wheels. 67 more words


1959 Curtiss-Wright Hover Car

Sucksqueezebangblow.co reports -

Developed by Curtiss-Wright in 1959, the Model 2500 Air Car wasn’t really a car at all, more a kind of family hovercraft. However, keen to tap into the increasingly extravagant and innovative motor car market of the era, they styled it to look like a car, with headlights, indicators, bumpers and a convertible roof. 101 more words

The 1974 Lamborghini Bravo Concept Car

The Bravo was a very low-slung car, with several stylistic references to the Countach; the new styled wheels on the Bravo, among other things, would later end up on the Countach. 175 more words


The 1938 Phantom Corsair

The 1938 Phantom Corsair came out of the fertile mind of young Rust Heinz, car nut and the son of HJ. Heinz of “57 Varieties” fame. 292 more words


History and Heritage of the MG Car

The rich history of MG began nearly 90 years ago in 1924. The famous initials we know and love were chosen by Cecil Kimber, the founder of MG. 91 more words

Classic Cars

1959 Miller-Meteor Vintage Ad

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