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When losing seems like winning- the last post from #thePitch14

We didn’t win but it felt like winning and how it feels to be Rebecca Coates of Properteco (the overall winner) , I’d like to know! 628 more words


TLAs, the FCA, IGCs & TCF. WTF?

This blog is by Ralph Frank

The financial services industry excels at producing Three Letter Acronyms (“TLAs”). One TLA that is likely to become an established part of pension lexicon is ‘IGC’. 618 more words


The state of corporate advice at #casummit

The corporate adviser summit has been held every October in a swanky hotel somewhere in the home counties. This year we are in a frightful faux castle near Horsham complete with fake arrow slits and other accoutrements of the English Baronial Hall. 287 more words

Dc Pensions

Promoting a sharing society

I am struck by the power of sharing.

The Friends of auto-enrolment has no money, no official sponsor (though the CIPP are doing a great job of standing behind us) and nothing more than a name with which to make a difference. 559 more words


CDC designed by an enlightened actuary -Derek Benstead!

When I started out in insurance my sales manager told me: “Don’t sell a solution until you’ve understood the problem.”

So far, collective defined contribution is a solution that is so short on detail we can only suppose what it will look like and how it will work. 1,085 more words


Ros Altmann on why the over 60's are missing out on "free pension money"

Ros Atmann recently told me she wished she could blog like me, having read this blog, I wish I could write like her!

Huge numbers of over 60s are opting out of pensions auto-enrolment, losing their employer contribution… 822 more words