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Chris Harris Drives The Ultimate 'Ute, The Holden HSV Maloo GTS

America’s two biggest contributions to the automotive world are the pickup truck and the muscle car. In Australia, GM makes a vehicle, called a ‘Ute, that is a perfect mix of the two, a muscle car with a pickup bed. 134 more words

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Porsche 959 at the 2014 Scarsdale Concours

When anyone wants to find the origin of where modern supercars came from, the Porsche 959 is not just a great place to start looking. It is the only place to start looking. 181 more words


Come Take A Ride In A McLaren F1

This is an exciting video that lets us all take a first-person ride in one of the most iconic supercars of all time, the McLaren F1. 24 more words

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Chris Harris Tests The Mercedes AMG GT-S

Mercedes’ AMG GT looks like it’s going to be “the” car to have in its segment, yes, even over a Porsche 911, save maybe for a GT3.



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Chris Harris Shows Us Ken Block's Insane AWD '65 Mustang

Ken Block is a racing driver, but he admits he’s rubbish at explaining his car. So for that job, Mr. Block has enlisted the help of none other than Chris Harris, of /DRIVE YouTube fame. 50 more words

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Ken Block's Gymkhana 7: Wild In The Streets Of LA

The whole car world eagerly awaits every new stunt-tastic video from Ken Block, and Gymkhana 7 is finally here! This time, Ken attacks the streets of Los Angeles with a custom all wheel drive Ford Mustang, probably his most badass car yet. 18 more words

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1957 Ferrari 250 GT Series 1 Cabriolet at the Bonhams 2014 Quail Lodge Auction

White and Ferrari sometimes goes really well together, and other times doesn’t. Luckily for us all, this time, it goes incredibly well together. Clearly, it goes so well together, someone was willing to pay more than fifteen times as much my parents’ house’s worth in northern New Jersey for this magnificent convertible 250. 84 more words